A Deep Dive into Potterheads

Published 2023-11-10
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This week, we take a deep dive into the world of Harry Potter fans, also known as "Potterheads". Enjoy!





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comment "shoutout carl boom boom” ur reading this


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  • @kurtisconner
    Don’t leave without taking advantage of air up’s amazing holiday deals! Gift it to someone you love and also treat yourself at the lowest price ever: airup.link/3SB75cd
  • @junosswans
    I literally am working with a kindergarten kid who is named Hermione and when I was doing assessment with her I casually asked her, “so… your mother really loves reading huh?” And she gave the most tortured sigh I’ve ever heard from a kindergartener and said “yes…” Also she has a classmate named Sherlock which is a whole other iceberg lol
  • @massieblock9770
    i named both my kids after HP characters, but both are regular names that people wouldn’t know unless i told them. i love my little xenophilius and baby mundungus
  • "The transphobia, I can forgive, but I can't forgive killing Hedwig."- one of my co-workers
  • @deen4305
    fun fact, slytherin traits were basically all traits present in other houses just with synonyms that specifically had a negative connotation. These 11 year olds were all piled into a house that was filled with other kids from toxic households, told their best traits were these negative things, treated like the literal scum by other student's and teachers alike while they marinated in outdated mindsets shared by a bunch of not good people. And then we were supposed to believe that these kids CHOSE to side with the dark lord. Hats off to JKR honestly for legit convincing people that 11 years olds were inherently bad people.
  • @mashymallow1242
    The literal worst HP thing I've ever seen was a website that was just a countdown until Emma Watson turned 18 so it would be "okay" to sexualize her. Even to this day, I feel so bad for her because of how gross people are about her.
  • @jaredmccarty1441
    My brother's girlfriend is a Disney Adult AND a Potterhead, and one time she forced me to take the sorting quiz. I got Hufflepuff but she insisted I was a Gryffindore because SHE was a Hufflepuff and we're too different to be in the same house. She was so mad at me for getting Hufflepuff she didn't talk to me for two full days. She was 31 at the time.
  • @ChakkyCharizard
    "people online think draco malfoy is hot" okay, that's not THAT weird... "...including in the parts of the movies where the actor that plays him is like, 13-17..." oh. Oh. OH.
  • @spookyoctober
    The Carl Boom Boom portion absolutely fucking killed me. 💀
  • @tortle216
    call me crazy but i don't think writing fanfiction should be tiered deeper on the iceberg than naming your child after a harry potter character
  • @sileylav
    Kurtis didn't use the Barbie "balls" audio once when talking about the Golden Snitch. This is character growth
  • @Aritis
    Ngl I feel like if Percy Jackson was as successful movie-wise, it would be the exact same, there really is no difference lmao
  • @rubsy5222
    Fun fact, I named my daughter after a Harry Potter character! My daughter Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way is the light of my life ❤️❤️❤️
  • @soleillily8
    A friend of mine had a regular (very beautiful) wedding, and because she's a Harry Potter fan she had paper confetti made of the books' pages. It was subtle enough that only fellow book fans noticed
  • @JanieBee
    25:49 imagine using this logic for anything else. “So we’ve been telling our child since she was 3 that she’s immortal to teach her not to take everything at face value. How could we have known she would try to jump off a roof”
  • @sznnitty
    I remember being in third grade and my friends, all Gryffindors, made me take the sorting quiz. I took it, got Slytherin, and they ignored me for a week.
  • @morganorwhatever
    I can’t imagine even the biggest fan of Harry Potter naming their kid after Newt Scamander’s assistant, Bunty. You might as well name them Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way because these characters are equally relevant to the canon
  • my dad once took my older sister to a massive harry potter book release in like 2007. the book was released at like midnight and it included a public reading of the first couple chapters, and the convention center where it was held allowed people to sleepover in their sleeping bags (which my sister forced my dad to do as well). my dad came back from the event scarred for life, because apparently my sister was one of the only children out of the couple hundred people there. the rest were adults and my dad felt so uncomfortable lmao.