Ford Announces the Model T - Breaking News Ep. 1

Published 2024-06-13
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Edited by Tolekk!

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All Comments (21)
  • @sand7677
    "I am sitting in a chair." Truly a compelling story. Thank you, Reportzer.
  • @lordfuzzybear
    I feel like I'm watching the news where the reporters have short-term amnesia and im loving every second of this
  • @MikeLCF
    I love how Parkzer’s character arc is he evolving from a more serious man that contrasted with DougDoug’s chaotic behavior to him becoming as chaotic as Doug and they can barely keep track of each other
  • parkzer completely ignoring the show in order to go off on his own little tangents while doug tries to bring him back has the energy of trying to walk a really excited puppy who just wants to go down every single street
  • As a brazillian, i can affirm that the prime minister is dead. It was shocking, because brazil doesn't use a parliamentary sistem
  • @oreo10102
    Parkzer saying "Do you know Family Feud?" seconds after sidetracking the entire stream for 2 minutes talking about family feud made me die laughing
  • @presentrama
    5% debating over the article 10% actual journalism 35% Parkzer drinking from a gallon of water 50% arguing over the background
  • @frostedsnow7634
    Doug reading the headline as serious as possible, then slowly fading into Parkzer drinking water in a field is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time
  • I love Parkzer's new take on the "Yes, and..." style of improv: "No. Why?"
  • @mrmcmuffin1379
    Parkzer not quite knowing where he is and then correcting Doug on where he is might be the most hysterical thing ever
  • @huskadog7748
    The best part is when parkzer explains what the Florida man meme is as if hes just heard about it and thinks its some unknown new thing lmfao
  • @Tobeebuzz
    Parkzer slowly took over the stream, it started with Doug making Parkzer confused and ended with him having to beg Parkzer to stop drinking water, imitating animals and swimming on camera instead of reading the news story
  • I didn’t know that parkzer could teleport around the world so quickly
  • Parkzer's absolute refusal to improv and go with the bit is honestly commendable
  • @daskanguru3515
    If only Parkzer had a sleek and stylish mug to fit that gallon of water into
  • @here4thecatvids
    This might be the most out there, wild and chaotic dougdoug video I've seen so far. It feels like someone told Parkzer his goal was to get off-track and onto side stories and derailments as much as possible. Honestly. this just felt like unmedicated ADHD and a huge sleep debt but still toooo energetic.
  • @lubue5795
    Are we sure Parkzer doesn't have some sort of weird dementia where he's compelled to drink a shit ton of water and quickly forgets what he wanted to say?