$10,000 Every Day You Survive In The Wilderness

Published 2024-06-01
They survived longer than I expected lol
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All Comments (21)
  • @Vys3_Official
    bro their conversation at the end made me cry it was absolutely beautiful
  • @flubdoe
    Jimmy is single-handedly keeping the brief case industry alive
  • @YangLange
    These guys should have their own survival show.
  • @itsbluetone
    These two are the best example of men we will ever see on a mr beast vid. If they were both single they def would’ve been out there for a year or more. I hope they stay in contact
  • @kloco
    Two single guys woulda started new lives out there forever 😂
  • @brollyvlogs
    Grizz is an example of a true friend who is ready to give up and give up a lot of money for a friend. Much respect to him
  • @foodmenu1486
    the both were strangers at first but then they became brothers and their conversation was really heart touching
  • @Ahmadabdal_
    “I need you home now” B please. Let that man get that bread
  • Grizz is honestly a respectable, understanding person. The fact that he shot the flair even thou he didn't want to for Haze. I respect that
  • @ecomfriend9485
    In a different universe: Grizz: "Let me see that flare" Grizz: grabs the flare Grizz: sprints off into the woods for the next 2 years
  • @duncanjim
    the conversation at the end😭😭
  • @munchbunch679
    GRIZZ deserves to have a solo survival competition 🙁
  • @astral.2
    The end where they shot the flaregun actually made me cry. This was beautiful. Truly amazing.
  • @Acid904
    An example of true brotherhood
  • @chuckflash
    Give Grizz some type of solo challenge or video, my mans deserves it
  • @ashishpawar4325
    Strangers at first, later became friends, The bond grew so deep that friends turned into brothers.
  • @Kagmine
    it's incredible, these 2 strangers became best friends in a few seconds, they sacrificed their life as fathers for each other ❤️