We Rebuilt a Village

Published 2024-07-07
Lectric stepped up for these kids again. This company has proven their commitment to building a brighter future time and time again. Please show them how much you appreciate their incredible support (lectricebikes.com/). #sponsored

Dora is an exceptional person who has sacrificed so much to give these kids a safe and stable environment. She never rests and is already building 3 more schools. Please follow her on TikTok and Instagram and give her the support and encouragement she deserves.


Contribute directly to Dora here: www.gofundme.com/f/feeding-the-children-of-mapapa
or you can click the Donate button, or donate through our website. 100% of donations will go to Dora and the kids.

When everyone said Beauty’s leg had to be amputated, CURE International (cure.org/) said “Hold my ginger beer” and performed a miracle. We could not be more grateful for the exceptional lengths they went to to save her. They do so much to help impoverished children and families around the world and they are one of our favorite partners. Please show them some love.

This is our 5th project with GivePower (​​givepower.org/) and we have many more already underway. We seriously love these people. GivePower delivers solar powered solutions to developing regions across the planet.

Filmed and Edited by: Dan Mace (    / @danmace  )

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All Comments (21)
  • He's one of those people who actually committed to the quote, "If I become a millionaire, I'll help people." Thank you Beast Philanthropy.
  • Please ensure that this man and his team are kept safe and protected, he is precious. Wow nobody thinks like this man, this is called practical philanthropy.
  • @HereToCheers
    Trying to make a TikTok dance was hilarious! Watching everyone try to coordinate was a real challenge. At least the final product was ‘fire’—literally! Dora’s dedication to these children is truly heartwarming. She’s created a safe haven for so many kids, and seeing their smiles makes everything worthwhile. The transformation in Beauty’s life after receiving medical care is a testament to the power of community and support. It’s incredible to see her smiling and thriving. this is what philanthropy is all about.
  • @Zenines
    He's really out here doing more for the people than what entire governments or other social media influencers would ever think to do
  • @IAm-yg6ml
    I love this pattern of them going back to places they've been in. It makes it feel like they are actually helping for the long term instead of just solving the communities' short term issues.
  • I think we take so many things like water, electricity and so much more for granted. Good work i hope to continue doing the things you do. Greetings from Greece.
  • In tears because emotionally am touched by how different Mr. Beast thinks as a wealthy person, makes money, spends money, and builds but doesn't forget to give back to those who helped him get to where he is, and his help is extended to the 3rd world countries, that's LOVE and humanity... peace be with you And God bless you man
  • love the fact that he also employs people in the same country to do the job also indirectly improving the standard of living for those builders and their children... you inspire me man.. may God bless you
  • @mdpbpad
    10 years ago who would have thought a kid playing video games will change the lives of millions of people. You are a legend jimmy.❤
  • @ashtr8thegr8
    dora is a huge inspiration, determined, hard working, strength, and literally so much more this is amazing
  • Cleaning a beach, Planting 20 million trees, Curing people’s blindness, Curing deaf people, Rebuilt a village, You are such an amazing person, Jimmy. Hat’s off to you!
  • @benw559
    He’s gonna have one hell of a life to look back on one day, if it wasn’t recorded not a single person on earth would believe what he’s done,doing and will do ! Absolute one of a kind !!
  • @Miragexe
    It's insane to be watching something so full of positivity and think there are people who get angry watching this.
  • @Cinemusic101
    This is quality documentary style for free and genuinely helping people
  • how can someone hate this man! god bless you jimmy, bro is a blessing to the earth.
  • @RetroMonger
    That woman has a beautiful soul. Great work helping these children. Beast Philanthropy is really out here doing it.
  • My heart is bursting with love! Dora is literally changing the entire World one child at a time, she’s a remarkable woman. Mr. Beast and crew you guys are exceptional Humans!
  • The internet certainly elevated the right person. You're doing what local governments are too corrupt and inept to achieve. Keep up the great work, Jimmy.
  • @kcolson339
    I love these philanthropy videos . My ONLY complaint is that they are so short . Id LOVE for them to be longer so we cld rlly see some more behind the scenes of the actual construction and stuff as well as be able to rlly hear some of these ppls stories in full and connect w them more .