Tiny Hawk: Pico-Sk8r

Published 2023-06-12

Left/Right: Turn

X: Ollie. Hold to accelerate, release to ollie (jump)

Down: Slow down

Up: Hold to transfer over a quarter-pipe. (In rare cases, you can also use it to accelerate but not prepare an ollie)

Z/C: Trick. Press to grind a rail or ledge, use directional keys to do various tricks! See this trick list at any time in the menu during gameplay.

There are more tricks than this... can you find them all?

If you've played the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series then you'll already know what to do - choose a level in the menu and try to complete all the goals! The goals are about getting a certain score, or getting a certain score in a short combo, or doing a certain trick over a gap.

Hold X to accelerate and then release it to Ollie. Use the "O" key (usually Z or C on a keyboard) to do tricks. Try pressing it before landing on a rail or edge to grind, or press a directional button before pressing the trick key to do a flip trick or grab trick in the air!

The most important trick to learn for doing longer combos and getting more points is the manual - press up, down before landing and you will continue your combo. You can extend your combo indefinitely as long as you can balance and do manuals between other tricks!

MUSIC: Maple: https://maple.pet/

MUSIC: Wasiknighit: https://wasiknighit.itch.io/

PLAYTESTING: maple, nickpage

​​Level editor: very soon!