Feathered Escape

Published 2023-06-12

Soar to freedom in Feathered Escape, a platformer where you, as a trapped bird, navigate challenging environments, overcoming obstacles and adversaries to reclaim the open skies.

Best score so far by @skarrmann (spoiler alert)

If you'd rather tackle the moves on your own, feel free to skip this section.

Control your jump height by adjusting the duration of the jump button press.

Execute a short run on the ceiling by holding the UP button. The character will cling for a brief period before descending.

Boost your speed by initiating a ceiling run and promptly ending it with a tap on the jump button.

Speed boost by performing a ceiling run on a single block or close to the corner of one.

Pushing against the wall and holding the jump button will create an arc allowing you to jump over obsticles.

While wall running, push against the wall and hold the jump button to jump over obstacles.

Leverage exceptional air control, allowing swift changes in direction or sudden midair stops. Make the most of it!

Moving will enable you to effortlessly hop over gaps.