Published 2023-06-12

Z to Jump
X to Teleport
Arrow Keys to Move and Aim
-There is a 'WIPE SAVE' option in the pause menu ('p')

In Porter, you play as Yug who may teleport and jump. If Yug teleports into a wall, Yug dies. If Yug jumps into spikes, Yug dies. The goal is to use Yugs teleportation and jump to get to the yellow coin in each level.

Yug is a Porter, a gatekeeper to the underground city. They don’t pay him enough to live IN the city, so he lives outside where it is dark and dangerous… but he LOVES it outside!! Help Yug get to work by jumping, dodging and teleporting your way to safety! I hear if Yug clocks in early enough he might get a raise…

When beating the game you will receive text, then your score. If the text is replaced you have achieved a specific, and impressive, score.
(CLAIMED by Hazazel)The first person to send me a video of them achieving “RANK B” gets a $20 gift card.
(CLAIMED by Revelation)The first person to send me a video of them achieving “RANK A” also gets a $20 gift card. (this one is messed up hard)
The video must contain the full run, to reach me go to my Twitter @BluMakesGames