Published 2023-06-12

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Bandits are taking over the town and you're the only gunslinger around that can stop them. Battle through 5 bandit camps in this turn based rogue-like western to win the lucrative bounty or die trying.

This game uses gamepad and keyboard controls and involves rotating with left and right buttons. The player may take the following actions on their turn:

Note that the revolver will turn clock-wise or counter-clockwise when moving or shooting.

Thanks for the following gringos for testing an early version in the game and finding some bugs for me: Louie Chapman, Andreas Håkansson, Monster Masherang, Freds72.

This game is a PICO-8 version of Guncho, a 7DRL gamejam game. The original is made by Arnold Rauers and Terri Vellman.