Machine Gun Kelly - PRESSURE (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-05-30

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  • @MaskedWolf
    boy fucking snapped.. this the mgk that slaps - props to who prod. this as well.. transitions were fire.
  • @Dvlum
    This beat goes so hard its disgusting. Keep doing you, fuck what anyone else says, its real talent to do multiple genres and fucking kill it
  • @jamieman3756
    This is one of the most amazing rap songs I’ve ever heard. No lie. So damn deep. MGK is so under appreciated.
  • @kimberley_cooper
    I get the best of both words with MGK.. I love rap, punk, hip hop, rock, heavy metal, etc..
    Just Chuck him on my system and I get a few of those genres in one artist!
    Must say that I’m loving this one though, I didn’t even miss the punk/emo/rock mix.. I just enjoyed listening to the old MGK, he still knows how to use his pain as art..
    I love that his raps are always mixed with a bit of story telling rather than just ‘bitches and hoes’ 😂 (not that that has ever stopped me from listening to all my top rappers)..
    I’m not saying he’s anything like Tupac, but I do see similarities between the pain creating an outlet/platform that means more than just stacks of cash and women.
    Anyway, I’m not here to write a novel (practically already have though)..

    Just sharing some love, I really enjoyed this! Had it on repeat.. ♥️
  • @christian7824
    Still jamming this can’t wait for da rap album🦍🔥
  • @metasurf967
    It's been a while... Sooooo stoked you spit bars again, man. This song triggers the same feeling in me like when I first heard you (chip off the block) back in 2011. Keep it coming!! 🔥💣
  • @amandalemon6615
    Never disappoint when u drop music happy you back on the rap… ❤❤❤
  • Been a fan since 2012. His album Lace Up got me through the toughest time in my life. Sending love from Cleveland. Lace up EST XX
  • MGK’s ability is unbelievable. Rap, pop, mainstream. Whatever he does is unstoppable. The Rap Devil is alive and well.
  • The pink era happened at exactly the time in my life i needed it. Those songs will forever be on my playlist. But as a fan from the veryyy beginning I am sooo ready for the new rap album.
  • @kericudd4436
    This song has been a repeat for while now when I fall in love with a song I never get tired of hearing it
  • This is one of his best period. From the video , the beat, to the lyrics and the way he switch up flow and beats ….. this is savage and I been EST. From “Lace Up” and “100 words an runnin”
  • @PowerSimp
    I already know this next album is gonna be fire 😩🔥
  • @Caliban_Cam
    Been a fan for nearly 10 years, cant say i liked the punk rock stuff you did but each to their own, glad your killin it there and still commin back to absolutely NUKE the rap game 🐐
  • @woods3757
    Really feels good to hear MGK rap again so much these past few months. I won’t knock his rock phase, and will never knock an artist for experimenting with their craft, but I always have and always will prefer his rapping.
  • @GG-bl2vm
    Good to hear MGK get back to pushing bars.