New GameCube Game Facts Discovered

Published 2023-11-19
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DYKG Game:

Did You Know Gaming takes a look at a whole bunch of new facts from the Nintendo Gamecube games The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Pikmin and Pikmin 2, as well as Mario Party 4 and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour!

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Research/Writing by Dr Lava and Shane Gill
Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer
Japanese Translations by Jacob newcomb
Video Narration by Remix

Sources/Further Reading:……
Nintendo Dream Magazine (Japanese), January 2002 issue
Nintendo Dream Magazine (Japanese), May 2004 issue………

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All Comments (21)
  • @BobbyMiller64
    "What does it mean to be Tingle?" That question keeps me up at night.
  • @MyNameIsntRyan
    This channel pivoting to actual video game journalism is my favorite thing ever. It’s insane that these interviews haven’t already been translated. Gods work!
  • Olimar's Wife was Abusive? No wonder why he took a rocket ship to get stranded. lol.
  • @jelyse14
    4:16 This reminds me of something Takahashi said about Xenogears. Something about how during development he felt anxiety about how the development of the game was going and whether or not what they got was working. But as soon as they put Mitsuda's music into the game it suddenly felt right.
  • @Blucham
    5:02 Blows my mind: “Dads want to play too, right?” I always thought of the Tingle Tuner as the “Little Brother” option!
  • @Samiro7175
    The funniest thing is how they said a Seagull does not sound like a Seagull 😂
  • I'll always think of potato chips when walking on sand in windwaker now.
  • 3:50 I believe that "Jingle" Windwaker actually used 2 different versions of the "Puzzle Jingle" and compared to the SNES and N64 versions, I think as well as using different instrument voices, it also adds a midrange string part.
  • @RobertIDK
    I’ve always known about DYKG but only decided to start watching a few days ago, and it’s been such a nice calming channel to throw on whenever I need something to listen to. Thanks for the great content guys!
  • @Cometstarlight
    “Thought about giving Pikmin individual names.”
    Steve is a trooper
    “Like red Pikmin Steve.”
  • @zephyr3060
    Hearing Aonuma say that he was fresh out of ideas for any more Zelda games after Wind Waker is absolutely wild to hear especially since BOTW happened
  • @Anthony-mt3sn
    Didyouknowgaming continues to set the bar high for video game content on YouTube. Very informative and interesting as always, you guys rock!
  • @007MrYang
    This is the kind of content I live for. I love it when youtubers translate these old magazines. I know some Japanese, but I'd probably never go out of my way to find an old gaming magazine, much less a nintendo one. So thank you so much.
  • @Chabooey
    9:14 olimar definitly isnt evil hes just trying to survive with the resources he has available and doing everything he can to go back home.
  • @JazGalaxy
    “Not sure how a seagull doesn’t sound like a seagull” this is actually extremely common. Folk artists often use things that sound like what you think something sounds like rather than the object itself for many reasons. Oftentimes the frequencies just don’t hit the mic right. Try to record a “clap” for instance. You will likely just get thuds.
  • @godminnette2
    I love hearing stuff from the Camelot Software Planning team. The Shining Force fandom has tried to translate every scrap of interview from them in terms of anything relating to Shining Force; I don't know if you guys uncovered anything there that fans haven't already, but it would be neat to see!