The Bloodline complete story: 2 HOUR WWE Playlist

Published 2023-03-17
Watch the entire saga of The Bloodline, featuring moments and matches from Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa and even Sami Zayn that made The Bloodline the most dominant group in WWE.
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All Comments (21)
  • @jasminew1252
    The Bloodline storyline completely changed Roman Reigns career. This is going to go down as one of the best factions in history! Whoever is the mastermind behind this storyline job well done 👏🏾
  • @dietbleach9362
    I absolutely love that they finally used the Usos talents in building a great stroyline for them. They been in the company for so long and they deserve the recognition.
  • @ParamoreFAV3
    Contrary to popular belief; having no fans really brought out some great ring storytelling. These Mfs, especially Roman, really carried this company through Covid. That’s why he’s the greatest to me. Do you know how hard that must have been to work without fans. Not to mention the character work, the dominance, the classic matches, etc.
  • @Whynotntn
    During pandemic I realized how great he was as a heel and it got better better. From the acting with jey, to losing unclean and needing others help making all his opponents more valid and actually able to beat him vs him being extremely OP and unbeatable. He needed help and that made every of his next match a believable match IF he lost, because all of his opponents stood a chance. Thank you roman for this whole saga.
  • @mariod1547
    I haven't watched wrestling in years. I really missed out. Glad they posted this so i can catch up. I'm in awe at how great this story is. I knew Roman Reigns would make a good heel but he surpassed my expectations. Amazing work from him and everyone involved in the story. Just wow.
  • @Ahnhughwhale
    Best storyline in years. Just keeps getting more in-depth. Credit to the Bloodline, possibly the greatest faction of all time.
  • @SamCal

    0:00 Roman Reigns returns
    1:19 Paul Heyman returns alongside Roman Reigns
    2:07 Roman Reigns wins the Universal Title
    2:46 Jey Uso wins a title opportunity
    4:12 Roman Reigns & Jey Uso defeat Sheamus & King Corbin
    13:53 Jimmy Uso sets up Roman Reigns
    19:30 Jey Uso falls in line with attack of Daniel Bryan
    22:18 Jey Uso loses
    24:40 Roman Reigns dismisses Jimmy Uso
    26:05 Roman Reigns says Jey Uso is a failure
    28:48 Roman Reigns pummels Jey Uso with a chair
    31:29 Jey Uso saves the Universal Title
    33:19 Jey Uso wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    34:11 Roman Reigns retains in triple threat match
    35:47 Roman Reigns new music
    37:06 Jimmy Uso returns
    40:35 Jimmy Uso is furious with Roman Reigns
    42:58 The Usos get heated
    44:30 Jey Uso walks out
    47:29 Roman Reigns brings his family together
    50:21 The Bloodline defeats The Mysterios & Edge
    51:54 The Usos win the Smackdown Tag Team Titles
    53:21 Brock Lesnar returns at SummerSlam
    55:11 Brock Lesnar stirs the pot
    56:46 The Usos help Roman Reigns retain
    57:17 Roman Reigns fires Paul Heyman
    59:54 Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar
    1:00:40 Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar
    1:01:20 Roman Reigns gives the Usos marching orders
    1:02:26 Sami Zayn approaches Roman Reigns
    1:04:28 The Bloodline defeats Drew McIntyre & R-KBRO
    1:06:19 Paul Heyman threatens The Usos
    1:07:51 The Usos unify the Tag Team titles
    1:08:51 "Honorary Uce"
    1:09:55 Sami Zayn helps The Usos win
    1:10:39 Jey Uso wants Sami Zayn to pull his weight
    1:11:18 Sami Zayn takes a Claymore for Roman Reigns
    1:12:00 Solo Sikoa debuts
    1:13:09 Solo Sikoa acknowledges Roman Reigns
    1:13:46 Roman Reigns gifts Sami Zayn a new T-shirt
    1:16:10 Logan Paul plays mind games
    1:17:21 Sami Zayn says "Ucey"
    1:20:20 Sami Zayn low blows Kevin Owens
    1:22:25 John Cena & Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn
    1:23:58 The Trial Of Sami Zayn
    1:26:57 Sami Zayn subs in for Jimmy Uso
    1:29:51 Sami Zayn makes his decision
    1:30:54 Jey Uso returns to team up with Jimmy
    1:33:41 Jey Uso is undecided on The Bloodline
    1:34:25 Sami Zayn acknowledges Jey Uso
    1:36:25 Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn
    1:38:04 Jey Uso watches Sami Zayn attack Jimmy Uso
    1:40:53 Roman Reigns puts the pressure on Jimmy Uso
    1:41:58 Jey Uso chooses The Bloodline
    1:44:48 Jey Uso explains why he attacked Sami Zayn
  • @ucan22
    This may sound dumb but watching and following this whole thing helped me get through some tough times in my life. Nothing too crazy just ruined a personal relationship with someone I cared about because of a stupid mistake. Watching this week to week gave me something to enjoy and distract myself with, thank you boys and everyone involved in this for the great entertainment and escapism.
  • @forestgirl22
    Sami Zayn's facial expressions are perfect every time, just the happy, the gutwrenching sad, just everything. Also one hell of a faction storyline.
  • @leemwangi9173
    This is easily the best storyline the company has done in over a decade.
  • @stryke8538
    I bet these guys are having the time of there lives. As kids who didnt imagine being in the WWE. These guys are LIVING THE DREAM. Fighting with each other on the biggest stage.
  • @NeverwascooL
    I love how the Bloodline made the Clash/Night of Champions almost their own special PPV for their storyline to develop
  • @leewarrior2010
    Jey is absolutely the MVP of this storyline! He has worked so hard getting himself and the bloodline over and has done an amazing job at it! He deserves so much credit for the success of the bloodline!
  • @neenuk13
    I’m 26, and I started watching WWE with my dad when I was little girl. I truly believed Kane’s story with the aid of the Undertaker was the best storyline but The Bloodline story has been magnificent. The layers, the character development, and the acting?! We know the uso betrayal/revenge is coming soon! I can’t wait🔥
  • The fact that roman has had the tribal chief charisma since day 1 of his comeback is beautiful. Really shows that wwe was holding him back for so long.
  • @codyallen43
    Haven't watched wrestling in any consistent capacity in nearly 10 years. Just watched Super Eyepatch Wolf's video on Roman Reigns' career and his breakdown of the Bloodline storyline has single handedly convinced me to try to get back into watching on a weekly basis.
  • @davi48596
    I quit to watch WWE on 2018 because Roman left. Today I'm watching this movie to see how much of a superstar he is now, this is a golden story y'all...
  • @robertoleonie
    Honestly I feel that Jey is who has bring emotion to this storytelling. Main Event Jey is the truly HEART of The Bloodline. Every single segment with this man is so precious. This storyline is pure cinema.
  • @LadyAbsolution
    3 years of straight Academy, Oscar, Emmy performances from everyone involved in the Bloodline. Everything up to this past Friday has been center point of WWE and rightfully so. The bar of storytelling have been shot through the roof thanks to this storyline.
  • @OpinionatedAnon
    The one part you missed was where Jey accepted Sami. That was the pivotal moment where Reigns turned. From that point on it was all about getting rid of Sami as Reigns felt threatened that he could get Jey to genuinely believe he could be the Tribal Chief. Especially when Jey previously mentioned he’d be Tribal Chief before.