Race Highlights | 2024 British Grand Prix

Published 2024-07-07

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  • @Daniel-wc2cd
    Apparently Leclerc used up all his luck for the next 10 years for a win in Monaco
  • Toto: We couldn’t have wished for anything better George: 👁️👄👁️
  • @MotivatedI
    Hearing “Get in there Lewis” had me in tears. It’s been a minute and doing it at a home race is special
  • @AdeleSephus
    Hearing Crofty's raw emotion when Lewis passed the finish line in first just made the moment so much more intense than this version of commentary on the highlights possibly could. Fantastic moment, glad to see Lewis gettin in there.
  • @wjdbfifj
    Let's not forget Hulk getting back to back P6 with a Haas, massive respect
  • 6 different winners in 12 races, what an amazing season so far
  • @ToshaDCary
    Extended highlights are an absolute must for this race, please and thank you editors
  • @liamstaffordd
    the video is already past 4million views, lewis hamilton is F1. the attention he brings to the sport is second to none
  • hearing Bono’s “GET IN THERE LEWISSSS” after 3 whole years gave me chills
  • @sar4806
    Snapping a 3 year win drought at Silverstone is such a storybook ending.
  • @EthelJung-j5w
    I'm not crying ..you're crying . I know exactly how he must feel. So happy for him and his family. sorry for the people that hate him for their own insecurities. Get in there Lewis
  • @brad30three
    I have never seen Lando so deflated after a race. Now that he knows he can win, every time he could but doesn’t, it really gets to him.
  • @GrayCatbird1
    This one’s special. I have to say, when this season began I never imagined we’d get such quality races and varied winners one after the other .
  • @Cpr1234
    7:11 I don't think Bono has ever said "Get in there Lewis" with more excitement than any of the other times he's said it
  • @ToshaDCary
    Oscar Piastri lost an entire pitstop worth of time due to McLaren not double stacking He finished 12.4 seconds off the lead.....
  • @krishkish1
    The entire proceedings from Lewis crossing the flag to Toto's interview to champagne made me tear up. It was so emotional, so wholesome, esp looking at Bono and Lewis on the podium and Bono carrying the trophy talking on the grid.
  • @techsamurai11
    Yeah, this was the best Silverstone race of all time. A record achieved that meant so much to Lewis and all the fans.
    Piastri's performance was so underrated, he was dancing the car like Senna on some of those overtakes. Also despite the pit error, he managed to bring the 20 second deficit to the leader down by 7 seconds.
  • @bamaboy2711
    Max lapping Checo on live TV was tears of laughter and sadness at the same time.
  • @ika.7808
    Russell: "Race to win tommorow!" Hamilton: and its gonna be me