1 Shotting Elden Ring's DLC

Published 2024-07-06
Full Run VOD:    • One Shotting Elden Ring’s DLC  

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All Comments (21)
  • @Bushy
    Yes, the perfume build was patched, but the ancient dragon lightning strike and impenetrable thorns build are still equally as powerful and honestly stronger than the perfume build ever was. So if you're looking to emulate this run on your own, copy those builds instead.
  • @kgniku503
    I love the catharsis of being challenged by the DLC myself, then coming to Bushy to watch the bosses be humiliated with a single hit.
  • @Brizyy
    Watching the Ancient Dragon-Man running for a solid minute to reach you only to be instantly 1 shot is cracking me up xD
  • @bleedszn
    “and all of this makes up the recipe for bushys pancakes” 😂😂😂😂
  • @tlozfreak888
    Worth noting that the reward you get from the Igon quest from doing it normally, from the dragon priestess, boosts ancient dragon incants by I think like 20%. It does demand you be naked, though, and I'm not sure how well it would fit into the buff routine.
  • @JorganGJorgan
    One shotting mesmer should have you put on a watchlist
  • btw, the death knight armour set increases damage of the dragon incantations, the lightning ones, so beating bayle could have been easier if you had equipped that
  • From experience, the worst part of doing stuff like this is doing all the buffs again after dying 😅
  • @Batman_83
    Just so you are aware, the rolling thunder was not nerfed. It was a glitch that caused it to explode on the floor. I tested it on Bayle after the patch to see what type of damage I could get. Without a fully optimized build, without full on min/maxing I was able to get 56k damage from one attack. They only fixed the attack so you lock on and attack closely so the attack passes through their body. It will only work on larger bosses for that amount of damage. Smaller ones I could only get 30k. That's with 80 faith/dex and level 20 scadutree, bloodsucking and lightning tear, perfumes talisman, lightning scorpion talisman, Alexander shard and dragoncrest greatshield talisman. Also wore Rakshasa armor for he extra damage. I'm certain there's a better way to optimize the build and buffs that I didn't use.
  • @Ardeun-eg3qq
    This whole playthrough reminds me of that one scene in Overlord where Ainz is prepping every single buff to fight Shalltear
  • @outlaw3705
    Those “kinky” albenorics have been tortured into mindless husk against their will 😂😂 poor fellas
  • @ToshaDCary
    This is wild timing I literally just finished rewatching the base game one shot build vid thank you bushy for your generous contributions
  • the putrescent knight looks like the orpan of kos from bloodborne
  • @Aeldar-M
    There is a pretty well hidden talisman called “Dried Bouquet” which gives you a 20% to attack power when a summon dies, it’s efficient with the skeletal militiaman could be a nice addition to the buffs.
  • Entertaining video as always ! Quick note on the final build against bayle, there is a actually an armor set called the "Death Knight Set" which boosts dragon cult incants and skills by around 2% per piece, there is also the Dragon Priest form you get from using the Priestess Heart which grants a whopping 20% boost to Dragon Cult Incants (althought this might be a body buff not quite sure). Edit : Priestess Heart is locked behind bayle and that completely missed my mind lol.
  • For the final one, there's an additional buff that I didn't see any mention of: The Death Knight armor set buffs Ancient Dragon Cult incantations by 2% per piece, meaning you get a free 8% dmg increase on Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike by using it instead of the healing armor.
  • @SleepyKurisu
    I was wondering when Bushy would upload so I could completely fathom this build after seeing Tor somewhat use it in his past 2 videos you've taught him well bushy, I could only imagine the amount of time it took to discover these builds but this vid is proof they're worth it. You've taught me even more about the game then what I knew it the past can't wait for you to blow my mind more in the future