Published 2024-07-07

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  • @Bobofatcat
    How come Nate manages to both make it look like he doesn't have to try, and that he's trying at the same time
  • @Darciel1978
    Masvidal looks like a street vendor from Venice Beach 😂😂😂
  • @sabzwari206
    After watching the full fight for free might I add. I can see why the judges gave it to Nate. Nate was way more active, pushing the action, taking the center of the ring, Masvidal was definitely landing the harder cleaner shots but it still looked like he was overwhelmed by Nate’s pace and volume.
  • @i5hereal
    Boxing has now become a sport for retired ufc fighters.
  • @dnn86
    Diaz punching technique reminds me of those wacky inflatable tube things you see at the car wash
  • @sinclairj7492
    Diaz’s punches look like he was shot in his arms with tranquilizers before the fight.
  • Diaz looks like he wakes up every morning and beats his face with a frying pan
  • @yogaflame7884
    Nate diaz is a literal zombie when it comes to fighting. He just keeps coming foward. Props to him
  • @PhaRoaH87
    Nate really throwing them Wet noodles around 😅
  • @ToshaDCary
    Two 40 year olds showing more effort and heart than most young bucks. You can teach a kid how to box but you can’t teach him the will to fight.
  • This fight was much better than I thought it was gonna be. Nate still got that iron chin
  • How can one judge score it a draw and the other 98-92 .. madness
  • @iWatchVods
    Why was this one of the most entertaining boxing fights I’ve watched in awhile? 😂
  • @jvkayy
    Nate always passes the vibe 😭
  • @rickylaws7766
    Why does it look like Nate Diaz is fighting in cursive😂
  • MMA fighters look goofy boxing. They don't have the stamina, speed, the power, the gracefulness ability.