STEPH CURRY on Klay leaving, LEBRON & Team USA | Yahoo Sports

Published 2024-07-07
Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill sat down with the superstar guard at USA Basketball men’s national team camp in Las Vegas to discuss his first run with the Olympic team, what it’ll mean to be on the same squad as his longtime rival LeBron James and losing his longtime teammate Klay Thompson. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to the Yahoo Sports channel here ►

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All Comments (21)
  • Love this interview. Actually asked some juicy questions. Instead of just average PR like 99% interviews out there.
  • It was a worthwhile interview. This told me a lot about Steph's mentality. I'm about to resume recording music. Have a good day.
  • This interviewer was spectacular! I under 10 minutes he got to it. Great transitions, hard questions and respectful!!!
  • It’s so hard to imagine Klay in a jersey other than a Warriors one. Physically impossible to imagine Steph tho
  • @sp00kee52
    bro him talking about often not seeing klay in the off seasons until training camp is so sad bro he’s fr losing a friend to long distance 😭😭
  • @jaymack6864
    Curry needs a podcast. I’m so sick of these NBA guys so negative and angry. Bro is always positive, he actually thinks before he speaks.
  • @ToshaDCary
    “Healthy Animosity “! Love Curry’s positive intelligent response ! Go Team USA! Bring it home!
  • @GwiloViou
    This dude is the greatest in sports, to put it simply.
  • @w1zent91
    Healthy animosity is such a great phrase. More people need to think with that mindset, dope to hear curry talk
  • Man, this interviewer gets right to it..Intrusive even..Only steph would have the gentleness to deal with it with grace...