These Kids Were Accidentally Left Behind

Published 2022-11-06
These are scary stories about kids getting left behind. In 2022, Quincy Walker was riding home on the school bus when a substitute driver dropped him off at the wrong location. Also in 2022, mom Stephanie Martinez was understandably freaked out when her daughter’s daycare closed up and locked her daughter inside. In 2016, a desperate mom was distraught when a cruise ship left her behind while her three children were on board. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more

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  • The fact that the first kid wasn’t even worried about being lost but he was worried about his mom worrying about him is so cute and sad at the same time..I’m glad he’s okay now!!
  • @Erick11998899
    The fact that the mother can have custody again after a friend drop off the child at the wrong house without confirmation after dragging that child and abandoning him is the definitive definition of how mothers get away with being terrible.
  • @kathall6422
    I agree with the cruise ship and what they did. Everyone on the boat paid money for the cruise, they waited a half hour over, it was the ladies fault for not following the rules. Thank you for being your amazing selves everyone, peace and much love sent from Ontario, Canada.
  • @dlaplante8955
    The minute Quincy started to explain and started crying, my heart hurt for him. This was heartbreaking to watch each child cry and the confusion that followed. I’m so thankful that each situation didn’t have deadly consequences. Thanks for sharing and bringing awareness making all of us more aware.
  • @almaerami5385
    Unbelievable how that little boy was treated. Shame on the court for placing him back with the mother
  • @sascesis1
    My 5 yr old was dropped off at wrong stop in a blizzard and walked a mile in it to find mommy. Most heart breaking day ever as a mom.
  • @fnafmemes7178
    “He opened the door, and then, he said get out.”
    A bus driver, with the responsibility of making sure children get home safe, told a child to get out of the bus when the child knew they were at the wrong stop. What a world.
  • @Jajdidejcjskz
    Poor sweet baby In the first clip. Being lost is scary no matter what but especially as a young child. I’m so glad he’s okay
  • @urfav.izz9
    The fact that the daycare center had the audacity to say “nothing is more important to us than the safety of the children in our care. We’ll also take immediate steps to ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.” Is honestly sad, firstly it’s shouldn’t have happened in the first place and shows how immature people can act, they didn’t properly take responsibility for this event and they didn’t check that there were any children left inside. Who knows what could’ve happened if that child didn’t get the chair and her mother didn’t see her.
  • Every time I come across the daycare story my blood boils. I work at a daycare and that is just absolutely insane to me. It is so easy to NOT lock a child in a closed center, like what in the world was the plan there?
  • @miranda5375
    It’s so hard to watch kids being so afraid and upset. All it takes is for a lost child to encounter the wrong person. It’s really heartwarming to see these kids being taken care of and kept safe in situations that could’ve ended very differently.
  • @kennedystarr8094
    I had a similar incident. My son was left outside on the playground for 15 minutes while the class and teachers were inside. It was over 100 degrees and by a major highway . They said they missed County. He was beating on the door crying and scared. When I showed up they said someone picked him up, I’m like
    No. Then they ran outside and found him. I was speechless, couldn’t think. Grabbed my son,
    Called my ex husband and never went back. It still breaks my heart to this day.
  • @nancypine9952
    There was a case on Long Island several years ago. A woman had taken her two little boys to the beach. After a while she realized that a little girl had come over and was playing with them, but everything was peaceful so she just kept an eye on them. When it was time to leave she realized that no other parent seemed interested, so she asked around and no one knew the child, so she took the little girl to the nearest lifeguard and explained the situation. The lifeguard made several announcements regarding a missing child, no one showed up, so the police were called, and they came and took charge. A couple of hours later they finally got a phone call. The child was at a daycare center, and they had taken some of the children to the beach. No one noticed when the little girl disappeared. They took the rest of the kids back to the center, and didn't notice that they were missing someone until her mother finished work and came to get her daughter. New York State closed the daycare that night.
  • @user-jw4fz3sq1w
    Kiara...It's amazing that you didn't dislocate the little boy's shoulder the way you just carried him like a shopping bag and left him. Someone tells you leave the child on the porch even if you don't want to face that person, you stay with the child! You're a grown-up woman get some backbone and responsibility! Don't let someone else intimidate you like that! You have your own judgement to make decisions and stay with the child. You never ever leave a child like that.
  • @LocalChaoticGood
    Scary that she just left the kid there alone. The one time I found a lost toddler I didn’t leave the kid’s side until I found an employee and informed him of the situation. Never leave a young child unattended! Or most random people. An employee or security guard is usually fine. Trust your gut though.
  • @kathydittmer9659
    This kid broke my heart!! I grew up in Michigan, when I was about six, our family drove to Denver. I got lost in a Target, and I was positive my parents wouldn’t even miss me and they’d drive back to Michigan, leaving me to be raised in Target I guess. It’s one of my most vivid memories. So glad this kids friend lived near where he was dropped off!
  • I took my first cruise in 2018. They don’t play around when they repeatedly warn us to be on the ship on time for departure. I never went too far away so I would ensure I made it back on time. I’m so happy the children were safe with a relative.
  • @ghloreey_army297
    I can remember this actually happened to me and my siblings. We were coming back from a trip, I was still little so I can’t really recollect all the details. I just new one minute my parents were not on the bus with us and the bus was already moving so fast, we looked back and saw our parents shouting and running after the bus. It was so terrific, they did end up getting to us, I think the bus driver stopped or something. We were screaming, shouting and crying. I remember thinking it was a nightmare, like my brain couldn’t process it was real after the incident. It might not have seen like much then but as little children we were so terrified being away from our parents, in a bus in which we didn’t know the destination...
  • The woman who carried that child by the arm and just left him in the dark on some porch without any hesitation was no accident.
    It's clear she could've cared less about his safety, which is outrageous
  • @stitchedmitch
    This hits close to home for me, when I was little my mom would drop me off at the daycare center at LA Fitness while she worked out. One time it was getting late so the daycare shut down for the night, and there was only one employee left. I followed her out into the lobby which is where she left me, and I watched her walk out the door to her car. I was just stranded there and I didn't know what to do so I just stood and waited there until my mom lucky found me there. I still resent that daycare employee to this day