Woman taken off Dallas flight after outburst that went viral on TikTok

Published 2023-07-06
The video shared on TikTok showed a woman walking to the front of the plane shouting that mother f----- in the back of the plane is "not real."

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  • Nothing scarier than being afraid of something and then being accused of being drunk or schizophrenic and being made fun of. She definitely didn’t seem drunk to me.
  • Find her and interview her!!! We all want to know what the person did that frightened her so bad. It went viral so obviously there's a lot of interest to hear her explanation.
  • @godisgood5472
    She seemed more sincere when alerting everyone on that plane about someone not being real then she did giving her apology. Her apology seemed as if she was made to do it instead of wanting to do it. 🙏💙♥️
  • @laurablack2262
    She’s a better person than I am. I just pick up and leave when I see something that doesn’t fit.
    I don’t warn anyone about anything. If people see you panic, they’ll cause a rush, and then you’ll never get out.
    Calmly get up, walk away, find your way home, and stay quiet about what happened.
    “Hell nah. I didn’t see those aliens landing.”
  • @signsofplay
    Why is everyone so quick to say something is wrong with her? Let’s find out what she was terrified of! She exited her flight because of this! She was serious!
  • @1776Rob2012
    What this clip fails to outline is that this woman was claiming to have witnessed a passenger (wearing a green hoodie) face/facial morph into and out of a reptillian type animal. A real shapeshifter. Honestly, I do believe her.
  • @VoodooRaven72
    This woman saw something 100%! Whatever it was she experienced, we will most likely never know. I would have been following her right off that plane without hesitation!
  • @rawn5309
    I put more credibility into her being onto something rather than on something.. She showed all the signs of somebody who truly believed what she seen. She absolutely seen something that didn't make sense...
  • @mommabahre6017
    10 years ago, I would have said she was crazy. Now, knowing what we know about the current fall of civilization, I'm right behind her. Call me crazy now but, you will call me right later.
  • I can’t believe people actually believe there was a non-human there lmao. I live in NYC and see these kind of ppl all the time. One time I was eating pizza in Times Square and this woman approached out of nowhere yelling out loud how she recognizes me. She sounded similar to this girl, screaming in public asking me about her brother and how she knows I drink other people’s blood to make my eyes shiny. Now imagine if someone recorded and it ended up on tiktok. Y’all would believe her lmao.
  • @fredh8733
    she wasnt "removed" she left because she saw something that scared the heck out of her. and i believe her
  • @Cooliron24
    There are rumors going around that she is missing now, there's also another video of this happening to a man on a British Airline and he was so freaked out it took three guys to bring him down to the floor. That plane was in flight he was so scared that he wanted to open up the door and leave the plane, I have a feeling we're going to see more of this.
  • @Bettermustcome92
    That's not a mentally ill person or someone on drugs. That's a sane person who saw something they know in their sane mind was not normal and it terrified her. I've seen things and not everyone will and most won't believe unless it happens to them then want people to believe them. I would be right behind her. Shit, I would have made it out before her
  • @Key18197
    Why is it that people are so rude to each other? Where is the love and compassion? What did that lady do to you all? Nothing, she said she wasn’t going to stay on the plain because something bothered her. Let’s be the change and make a change. Love love love.
  • @vickihill8935
    Omg. Any woman that is willing to leave all her luggage and deplane herself ! I’m going w her. I don’t care if she is wrong. I’m going. I’d rather be safe than die w a lizard.
  • @ryankelly1826
    I would’ve never felt comfortable on that flight after this, I would’ve been out
  • @JadedAllDay
    C'mon this was the time to find out the truth. Yet got distracted over this women's outburst and labeled her "crazy,". I mean this is what we've all been waiting for, actual solid, can knock on actual proof. This was a big fail on everyone involved. She sounded legit scared and terrified that something was out of the ordinary with another passenger. So frustrating.