These Big Brothers All Saved Their Siblings

Published 2023-04-10
These big brothers all saved their siblings. In 2020, a big brother came to the rescue when his little sister was choking. He learned how to help her by watching Inside Edition. In 2020, a 6-year-old boy was a real-life superhero after saving his sister from a vicious dog attack. In 2016, an 8-year-old boy helped save his little brother from being kidnapped. Inside Edition Digital’s Andrea Swindall has more.

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  • @mevans4408
    The brother with the dog and his sister made me legit tear up. Thats a stand up lil boy excuse me. Young man.
  • @imyourdad2458
    That big hero who put his life between his little sister and the vicious dog literally brought tears to my eyes.
  • @Shadzyking
    "if someone had to die I rather it be me"
    That Kid made me cry
  • The boy who saved his sister from the dog is SUCH a HERO!! But,when he got all the audio messages, he also got one from @Mr Beast Jimmy Donaldson. Still can’t get over just how much of a hero he is. Good job young man
  • @RyanKing9610
    The little boy who saved his sister has me so choked up.
  • @amandasnider2644
    I find it very cute how the first little girl is nothing but smiles as her big brother showed how he had saved her. She looks so proud of what her brother did ❤
  • As an only child, I will never understand the joys/hardships of having a sibling. But I am thankful for siblings being able to put aside their differences when the time comes.
  • @raykopenate2969
    Thank god he knew what he was doing I'm glad someone pays attention the things that they're being told well done little man
  • @senoir.
    That boy put his LIFE on the line for his little sister omg please let him live the absolute best life he can possibly get😭
  • @thatonegingerrrr
    That little boy who saved his little girl will always have that scar on his face. People will ask and he will be able to tell them how much of a hero he was. Good job!
  • @mus14k19
    1:12 This story got me bawling! What an incredible heart of gold this boy has!
  • @MrMythosishere
    Little man is already a hero at 6. He was willing to take a dog attack for his sister. What a pure heart.
  • @Atoo666
    You'll never forget when one of your siblings saved you.

    When I was about 5 years old one of my older brothers and I were in our grandparents garden. In the garden next to us lived a german shepherd we knew. So my brother went to the fence and greeted the dog and the dog went into playmode and as dogs do happily jumped around. Since I also wanted to join in on the fun I went to another part of the fence holding on to it, but I wasn't really aware of the open well behind me (Usually it's closed with a lid).
    So the dog ran up to where I was standing and jumped at the fence (not his fault obviously, since he just wanted to play), so the force was pushing me back. I can't recall if I was still grabbing a piece of the fence or the edge of the well, but I remember one of my legs dangeling in the well scratching on the rusted sides of it and holding on for dear life and crying for help.
    Luckily my brother rushed to my aid, pulling me up. I ended up having a bloody and scratched up leg, which my mom cleaned up with bottled water. Can't remember the rest but I'm really lucky to have my older brothers!
  • That brother that saved his sister from the dog is an absolute boss.
    A true hero in every sense of the word.
    I'm totally speechless.
  • @ugobeanyi1959
    He said "Let my brother go" very strongly.
    That's how to do it buddy, with conviction
  • @tryingtoget1k
    Let's all take a moment to appreciate the time and effort inside edition puts into their videos
  • @AverageFellow98
    The boy who saved his sister from a dog made me tear up so much after hearing "if somebody had to die, I'd rather it be me." and even the dad was tearing up.
  • @BK-qp8zp
    The young man who saved his sister from the dog has the soul of a Navy SEAL. Whatever he chooses to do, it's obvious that he will do it well. I sincerely hope he will have the opportunity to live up to his full potential and that it brings him great satisfaction.
  • @kgrimes842
    This is freaking amazing! I love how the boys learned chest compressions and the heimlich (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) from watching TV! The little boy who saved his sister from the dog touched me most though! The fact he got to talk to all his favorite superheroes had to be the best thing ever! I'm proud of every single one of these boys. Not all heroes wear capes!