Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight

Published 2023-05-27
A plane passenger opened an airplane door during a flight to South Korea. A terrifying video captured passengers on board the plane being battered by the intense wind. Witnesses say the passenger was sitting next to the emergency door when he suddenly removed a plastic cover and pulled a lever. That's when the door slid open. The plane was 600 feet off the ground and was minutes away from landing in South Korea when it happened. Inside Edition's Les Trent has more.

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  • @blojofosho133
    It sucks how there’s no way to protect yourself from encountering people like this
  • @Tye84xx
    He’s the kind of person who’d unplug someone’s life support machine just to charge his phone
  • As a News Network I would be embarrassed to show this article without mentioning what happened to the person who opened the door.
  • @TheMelvinWei
    That clears up a lot. I initially thought it was opened at 30,000 feet up and wondered how the passengers didn't freeze to death and suffocate.
    Camera man never disappoints
  • @joels5150
    I think that gets you on the no-fly list for the rest of your life, in addition to any other legal issues this man is going to be facing.
  • @valerierodger
    For all of those people suggesting that these exit doors should have locks, you seem to be missing the point of an emergency exit door - people need to be able to get out of it easily in an emergency. The plug door is a very simple design that works wonderfully, with high pressure differentials making it impossible to open the door during almost the entire flight while still allowing them to be opened easily by passengers in an emergency situation.

    Also, this was an Airbus. Don’t bother trying this on a modern Boeing because they have electronic door locks that automatically engage at around 70 knots.
  • @Andy224
    Who in their right mind would EVER open a plane door in the middle of a flight ??? What’s wrong with people these days???
  • I was recently in a plane. They put me on the emergency exit seat. First time in my life. I panicked for almost the entire flight. Thinking what if I accidentally opened the door. Then I started having intrusive thoughts, “what if I just pull the ledge? Would it actually open ? *Should I practice?…”

    But I didn’t let my intrusive thoughts win. Everyone has intrusive thoughts. You’re either mentally strong or weak is what it comes down to.

    EDIT: Lol 2 folks takes things way too literally “I should practice” made them uncomfortable. But it wasn’t even meant like that. “I should practice, it isn’t like I know what to do if it does happen?” Is what it was meant to be. More like “Should I practice in case of an emergency”.

    Geez Louise. Anyway, thank you for everyone that actually UNDERSTANDS me and UNDERSTANDS the concept of intrusive thoughts. I love it when we understand each other. Have a good one ❤️
  • @Code_Rapper
    He knew exactly when to open it. People aren't stupid
  • @davidhandel5894
    A hell of a ride! Just when you think flying can't get any worse.. LOL
    This isn't the first time an incident like this ever happened.
  • @brainhappy
    I think that, on top of any other legal issues this person will face, puts you on the no-fly list for the rest of your life
  • @cjjackson3129
    There was a time that if the news told a story that someone had opened the emergency door on a commercial flight full of passengers while in the air, we'd be shocked to learn that someone could risk the lives of others so carelessly, but sadly, in this day and age many of us have witnessed people doing the unimaginable to others, a lot worse, therefore, we've become accustomed to this madness.
    The more bad displayed by the news, the worse things become.
    We're on a downward slope, close to the bottom of the pit if not there already.
  • Love inside edition straight to the point and straight facts, seeing shorts made this situation seem more insane than it is
  • @wildwoody20
    That's why you always keep your seatbelt on You never know when something like this can happen on purpose or accidentally
  • @edenwasvegan819
    I think what people aren't realizing in regards to how "calm" the passengers were is how the open door changed the air pressure and oxygen levels inside the plane. They would've been struggling to breathe at all, so screaming would've been impossible. And they weren't moving around because they were clinging to their seats trying to resist what would've been extremely strong winds. Also, dude was suicidal and changed his mind, I don't think that's arguable. I'm curious to know what happened to him afterwards.