Bullied Boy Knocks on Neighbor’s Door in Search for Friends

Published 2023-07-12
A Texas couple received an unexpected visit from a young boy who is looking for friends. Shayden Walker explains that his previous friends were bullies. Although the homeowner, Brennan Ray, was not home, he and the boy continued the conversation over his home camera. Ray and his wife were so touched by Walker's story they posted the interaction online, which quickly received millions of views. They also made it their mission to help Walker. Inside Edition's Les Trent has more.

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  • @dg5175
    Bullying is a huge issue. Not just with kids but even with adults. Adults can be some of the biggest bullies, but bullying children is a definite problem because it can lower their confidence at such a young age. As someone who's dealt with bullying on and off my whole life, I advocate against it and hope that it can please stop. No one should be bullied and everyone has feelings. ❤
  • @jasonavery
    The saddest part of this video is when he starts saying he loves little kids because he’s literally hanging on by a thread and he’s throwing out a last second plea… he’s basically saying “please let me hang out, I have no one. I’ll even play with you and your little kid.” He just doesn’t want to be alone. That was heartbreaking.
  • @bellaboop1
    I'm a 56 year-old man and I'm crying my eyes out. In school I had a large group of friends who turned on me and became my bullies. I know exactly how this boy feels and I would have invited him to pizza and a movie with my family.
    God bless the bullied!
  • @leprechaun3677
    What an awesome kid! He’s more brave than 99.9% of people, children and adults. I don’t know him, but I’m proud of him and I wish him and his family the best!
  • @jus10lewis.85
    Wow. This absolutely broke my heart and tore me to shreds and made me incredibly happy at the same time! I can relate to him, in regards to what I went through at that age, and I'm so happy that not only did he make a bunch of new friends that aren't bullying him but he -- and his mom -- actually developed a genuine relationship with the homeowners with the Ring cam. We all need more feel-good stories like this in the media!
  • @dannyblue8382
    Let's face it
    This kid has more balls than any of us for asking for friends
  • The fact that this kid had the emotional maturity to ask exactly for what he needed right at the moment he needed it is impressive. This young man is going places in life.
  • The best thing about it is, he's polite by asking and not demanding. He took a chance and didn't expect anything, just hoping. All whilst remaining grateful for someone just listening to his request. What a wonderful kid.
  • In a world of hate and divisiveness this is refreshing to see. This kid deserves a million hugs and he’s getting them.
  • A boy who is brazen enough to ask for friends, bullied or not bullied, is so remarkable. I’m very glad that his story has people listening.
  • As someone who was bullied from elementary school to middle school, I feel for this kid. I am really happy things turned out well.
  • @buckbuchanan4902
    This is what America is supposed to be about! People helping and loving other people. God bless that boy, those neighbours and everyone involved in making that young man's life happier.
  • @blueturtle3623
    I grew up friendless, and still very much am. The absolute bravery of this kid to walk up and just ask.
  • @Glory_Jiujitsu
    As a man who was severely bullied as a kid I feel this one hard. Love that this kid reached out for help anywhere he could. Wish I had had the confidence like this young man.
  • @kaykru1196
    As a mother who worries about her daughter who is developing much later than her peer group and needs friends, this gives me so much hope ❤️

    Sweet boy, I could hug him too ❤❤❤
  • @leftout3715
    This broke my heart, you can see the loneliness on his face, i genuinely cried. I really hope he got some wonderful friends and that the kids that bullied him got what they deserved..
  • @manashdb
    The fact that he goes out looking for friends even after he's being bullied goes on to show his heart. I wish I could be friends with him.