That Mexican OT - Johnny Dang (feat. Paul Wall & Drodi) (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-05-26
Watch That Mexican OT's music video for "Johnny Dang" ft Paul Wall & Drodi from the new project "Lonestar Luchador".

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Shot by DGreen Filmz, Edited By 604 Studios

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All Comments (21)
  • @its1031
    I love this. The most American thing I’ve ever seen: A Mexican, White, Asian, and Middle Eastern guy dripping in Black American Culture… and the track hella slaps!! 🤌🏿 turn up
  • I am a 44 yr old grandmother but believe me, Im bumpin this shit on the way to the grocery store!
  • Paul wall clears every time. I have to run it back sometimes when I hear his verse ✅
  • @tomrao4
    This man is rapping in cursive. Straight freaking fire!!
  • @DjKDM7000
    The funniest thing here is how relaxed and jolly they all seem, almost like they are very aware that their level of skills are no joke, so they have nothing to worry about because they know you're going to have to appreciate and respect their art whether or not you want to admit it.
  • @lordtotmantv8189
    Paul wall will always be bringing the best hits like this. No one else can I play their earliest and latest hits and they both be the best
  • @fraz1412
    The fact Paul Wall after all those years kept up with the times to do that is beyond crazy to me. Crazy amount of respect
  • @vincemack4968
    Paul wall came a long ass way everything he spit is facts on gawd keep that fire coming big bro
  • @phyuku650
    Cold ass track peoples champ on the feat 💯
  • @jgils5559
    I’m an old school Hip Hop fan who’s blasting this shit down the block right now. This Joints Nice!!
  • This has been trending for 4 months straight! Fucking wild 🔥 absolute banger! Y’all killed it
    Also at the beginning that
    “Toby just do it”. -Micheal Scott
  • No nudity, no hoes. Just pure talent. 💯🔥 Texas represent ✊🏽
  • @user-sh2th2yk3w
    Woke up, drank some coffee, lit the blunt and turned this joint on. Nothing but 🔥