Jay Leno Explores The Beast: Inside the Presidential Limousine with Secret Service Agents

Published 2024-07-08
Join Jay Leno in this exclusive episode of Jay Leno's Garage as he takes a deep dive into the world of the Presidential Limousine, affectionately known as "The Beast." Jay is joined by two seasoned Secret Service agents, Jay Nasworthy and Steve Abel, who reveal intriguing insights and share fascinating stories about the most secure vehicle in the world. While they can't disclose all its secrets, this in-depth conversation offers a rare glimpse into the history and evolution of Presidential limousines.

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An exclusive look at the Presidential Limousine, "The Beast"
Behind-the-scenes stories from Secret Service agents Jay Nasworthy and Steve Abel
The history and evolution of Presidential limousines
Rare insights into the world's most secure vehicle
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All Comments (21)
  • @Xzor
    Gotta hand it to Jay for making a 26 minute video talking with guys about a car, who can't talk about anything about the car.
  • @cspaliwal_
    "Its a car, Drives like a car" Spoken like a true fed
  • @TucsonMuscle
    I've had the privilege of being in Jay's garage when I worked for an auto transport company. He's as warm and funny in person as he is on camera. After he reviewed and drove the car I was transporting, he invited me to join him and his crew for lunch. His "garage" has a complete gourmet kitchen and outdoor grill. As you can see in the videos he does, in addition to all the cars in his collection, he has an amazing amount of automotive memorabilia, including posters and even gas pumps. I'll remember that day for as long as I live.
  • @itsjak1109
    Inside the presidential car “Beast” proceeds not to step inside lol😂
  • @TheFurySin
    "Inside the Presidential Limousine". Brother couldn't even open the door.
    Jay is getting older. Yet he's being able to keep this show going talking to these two men about the car they're not supposed to talk about. Brilliant.
  • love how these two feds slowly open up to Jay and become more relatable
  • I thought for a second that Jay was going to have these guys spill the beans on all the secret stuff about this car. Apparently, Jay did get to see the inside.
  • Mechanic sitting in the breakroom at work eating lunch, flipping thru the want ads... Ends being the go to guy for the presidential limo.
  • @bigdawg7186
    I didn’t realize how massive it is. It’s not a car. that’s a tank made to look like a car. The fact that he was able to even get it on the show is remarkable.
  • @oldcop18
    I retired from a jurisdiction right outside DC so I had the opportunity to work w/the Secret Service many times. They are top notch folks, very professional & very serious about their responsibilities. One agent made arrangements for me to have my picture taken, in full uniform, w/President Reagan.
  • @jelehan88
    On 9/11 I was walking home in Sarasota I heard a roar of engines and less than 10 seconds later the Presidential motorcade comes screaming around a corner and each vehicle had it floored. Everything came to a complete stop except that motorcade, it flew by. Those vehicles can move
  • @jimmyzhao2673
    Plot twist: Those cars are just empty shell decoys. The President actually rides in a Geo Metro.
  • @MrIanWebb
    Man, I'm sure the editorial approval process of this video to go live was excruciating. "Cut this. Can't say that. Nope. Cut, cut cut."
  • @angelg2638
    I'm gonna hurt inside the day we lose Jay. So, I'm gonna thank him now. Jay, THANK YOU SO MUCH , not just for sharing with us your love of cars, but for your classy sense of humour. You surely are TOP CLASS. You have touched our lives during the wonderful years you did late night tv, and continued to your car show. THANK YOU, Mr Leno. You are loved.
  • This is an example of how to be respectful to the people interviewed. All journalists should learn from Jay!
  • Middle guy is just there to give physical signals to the talkative one lmao
  • "so what can you tell me about this car" "its got some bus wheels" "oh ok cool, next week.."
  • @87teggy
    The Beast actually spoke more about himself than the Secret Service when he roared to life. I had a feeling it was diesel powered but it's now been confirmed. Thanks.
  • 14:03 best part of the video, SS agent actually being candid and normal as he tells an amusing story.