Lions vs. Bears postgame locker room celebration

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @imau5065
    Dan Campbell leveled up to Super Saiyan level 2 right here
  • @kevinlautner712
    I like Hutch getting the ball, but Anzo needs to be recognized. Dude's been killing it this year.
  • @noobz4hire290
    I look forward to these locker room celebrations every week
  • @slim.lee_2010
    That beginning scream set the whole tone for the video 🗣️🔥🗣️🔥
  • @sampat10
    Dan Campbell found his roar like the lion king in this one. Pure passion, I love this guy i hope he is our coach for decades!
  • @chrisholt4804
    As a Niners fan I can't deny the lions heart. I am rooting for you guys and I hope you go deep in the playoffs or further!
  • @jppagetoo
    Finding a way to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. This team has heart. This team has talent. That was something special. Go Lions.
  • @aninja7628
    Nothing like having a whole State proud ! Detroit football kicks ASS
  • @khalilhusain580
    Broo I was at the game and the fan base is amazing one pride baby best experience ever
  • @thir13enthour
    I saw people MAD leaving early in the 4th quarter. They obviously haven’t watched a game all year. These Lions never quit till the last second. Some Bears fans were all cocky asking why I wasn’t leaving. I reminded them these ain’t the 0-16 Lions. I ain’t worried we have plenty of time. Couple minutes later he was hanging his head. I said, what man, are you nervous??? Lol. Amazing win and amazing atmosphere. Makes me proud to be a season ticket holder.
  • @Djturnt
    I screamed too after this win Dan!!!
  • @jamesbailey4304
    It's not just that I like this team and city anymore. I like these GUYS, man. Hutch, Goff, Coach Rip'Em'Up.
  • @swallman
    I'm 63 and been a Lions Fan since my Dad got stationed outside Detroit in 69. SO nice to see winning football again.
  • @chefmichael05
    THIS is a coach! He’s our coach…he’s my coach….he’s Detroits coach! Go Lions!!! Forward down the field!!