Ariana Grande (Part 2) | Podcrushed | Ep 72

Published 2024-06-17
Watch Part 1 of this conversation here:    • Ariana Grande (Part 1) | Podcrushed |...  

In Part 2 of this special conversation with Ariana Grande, Ariana spills the beans on why she keeps casting TV serial killers as her leads, the dance move Penn tried to sneak into the "The Boy is Mine" video, and the new inspiration for her Eternal Sunshine era. The gang share their reactions to the Wicked trailer, and Ariana opens up about the magic she experienced bringing Glinda to life — in front of and behind the camera.

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All Comments (21)
  • @user-dw2yj4yq4n
    penn and ariana just have some kind of same humour i can’t explain it
  • @TheAlipop13
    When four water signs get together you know you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster.
  • @heykofee
    so nice to see ariana surrounded by geniune and kind people
  • @SageAlmaMusic
    the way she spoke about Cynthia made me SO emotional
  • @kiarajanelle195
    “i do this spin thing” is giving michael scott 😭😭😭😭
  • @HaleyJeanASMR
    the fact that it was Penn’s idea to throw out the love potion 🥹 love the video!! such a great episode
  • @emily-kv8cu
    please interview her again in the future. i’m begging. this has by far been her best interview in the past several years. such thoughtful questions and attentive responses
  • @lav4629y3
    She doesn’t seem at all jaded, the way she cries easily and talks about her emotions in relation to everything. That’s probably rare for people at her level in the industry
  • @toastedkiki
    "I'll just sing problem and go home" Omg i love her sm help
  • @Laraaa90
    Seeing Ariana so comfortable, vulnerable and open is an amazing testament to the safe space these guys created as hosts ❤ Definitely one of Ari’s best interviews ever, she really let us see that human Ari is fully in control now, and I hope she’s here to stay because it’s been wonderful seeing this side of her 🩷
  • @staciaallen3330
    The fact that Ariana said: I’ve been living in the studio” is absolutely making me so very happy & proud of her because Galinda & Wicked really brought Ariana back to making music, singing, rehearsing, dancing, doing more promos, going to events & everything !
  • You can tell how happy Ari is in this environment, everybody is super friendly and authentic, could not be any happier for Ari
  • @andydv27
    I love that Penn and Ariana became friends!! Love their bond!!
  • @breathinari
    the fact that ari is opening up and truly happy makes me happy, she deserves the world
  • @arianastyless
    people keep saying she looks so different, but i’ve never seen her look so much like her younger self ❤ makes me so happy
  • @goreulgi
    the way she spoke about cynthia just shows how beautiful her heart is and how amazing their friendship is!! that is a lifelong friendship! love them both so much 🫂🤍
  • @lisakornick
    When she was asked at the end what she would tell her 12yr old self you can literally see her life flashing before her eyes before she answers
  • @claradrani9283
    I will never understand the people who say, they miss the old Ariana. The old Ariana was depressed and hurt on the other hand the new Ariana is happy, grateful, surroundet by loving people and first and foremost she is her true and authentic self. I love Ariana no matter what, she‘s so different but her soul is still the same. It makes me so emotional to see her grow and develop and to see her being finally happy. She deserves nothing but the very best. She has so much love in her heart and you can really see that, Even tho she‘s been trough so much. I will always love and cherish her and i am so proud of her development <3