FULL MATCH — Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns — Winner Take All Title Unification Match: WM 38

Published 2023-08-13
The Head of the Table goes to war with The Beast on The Grandest Stage of Them All in a battle to unify the Universal and WWE Championships: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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All Comments (21)
  • @ryanmurray4899
    15:50 is still epic. Dude puts his shoulder back into place and with all his strength holds that second title up. Love or hate him that’s cool to watch
  • @Crimsonlight666
    Respect to Brock for just going down like that & getting pinned after 1 spear once he heard Roman was hurt. Dude truly doesn’t have some massive ego despite what people think. Respect to him
  • I can't help but imagine Seth Rollins cashing in at the last minute like he did at Wrestlemania 31. 😂😂
  • @shifashahine2005
    This match was absolutely unforgettable I loved every single second of this match yessir 🔥💙.
  • @deeperspace9
    There will never be another Brock. I hope he never retires fully from WWE ..what a Run!. From his return that night after WrestleMania when he F5 Cena to now has been Legendary. Crazy thing is WWE universe all know No one Can Really Beat Brock.. he still the Real Legit" Champion. He gave so much back to the business. Respect!
  • What Paul Haman did for Roman shows how powerful words of encouragement can do for someone who is at the verge of losing hope.
  • @sandiletwala3001
    With one arm, that shows that he's at his prime ever since he became a tribal chief. Real respect, this is indeed God Mode
  • @Nik0_07
    Old days , great WrestleMania as Main Event . The chemistry between them is awesome 😁❤️🔥
  • @kryswilson2743
    This was absolutely The Ultimate Wrestlemania Match of all time
  • @FadedMxstery
    If Roman’s shoulder didn’t get hurt, I feel like this match could’ve been stretched out a bit longer.
  • @utenteacaso5688
    3:42 Roman into the corner
    4:11 belly to belly suplex
    4:20 belly to belly suplex
    4:31 belly to belly suplex
    4:42 Roman outta the ring
    5:21 spear through the barricade
    6:21 spear
    6:58 superman punch
    7:19 superman punch
    7:56 german suplex
    8:04 german suplex
    8:16 german suplex
    8:29 german suplex
    8:51 german suplex
    9:21 superman punch
    9:56 F5
    11:04 spear into the referee
    11:15 low blow
    11:40 Universal Title off Brock's skull
    12:56 reverse spear
    13:28 spear into kimura lock
    14:10 Roman breaks free
    15:01 spear
  • @Bama20512
    The damage that this unification match did to the main event scene should be criminal
  • A rare "without help" win, even if he used a low blow and a title belt to strike Lesnar's face.
  • @757myron4
    brocks intro will forever be legendary
  • @FlavioChavez9192
    We all know who played fair and who didn't. I think Brock worked hard to get there.
  • @user-ci8jo5nc6j
    right now I'm watching this while crying, I remember one year ago still watching all the matches in WWE with my father, my father really idolized Roman Reign, but now my father has died, I remembering him by watching the Roman Reign match
  • @G-BillX
    One of the best Wrestlemania match I ever watched also that “BROCK LESNAR” at the start was fire with the crowd