The Ultimate “Sonic The Hedgehog” Recap Cartoon

Published 2023-10-13
The ultimate recap cartoon of Sonic The Hedgehog! All the games! Gotta go fast!

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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol
Erwin Langstraat -

Written by
Cas van de Pol
Erwin Langstraat -
Nigel Lievaart -

Animated by
Erwin Langstraat -
Cas van de Pol
Martijn Kreemers -
Raphael Coutant -

Additional animation & cleanup
Mireille Kiesewetter -
Geoffrey Armfield -
Deianara Eggers -
Roxie Folkers -

Backgrounds by
Anna Engels -

3D animation by
Dominik Johann -

Music & sound design
Robert Jung -
Cas van de Pol

#sonic #animation

All Comments (21)
  • @markmorales7958
    💍 🍳 🦔⚡️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨 0:19 Sonic the Hedgehog 0:37 Sonic 2 0:43 Sonic CD ⏳ 0:59 Sonic Pinball 1:11 Robotniks Meanbean Machine 1:28 Sonic 3 & KNUCKLES 1:39 KNUCKLES Chaotix 1:46 Sonic R 2:07 Sonic Adventure 2:24 Sonic Adventure 2 3:03 Sonic Heroes 3:35 Shadow the Edgehog 🩸 3:58 Sonic Rush 4:05 & 4:12 Sonic 06 4:18 Sonic Riders 4:24 Sonic and the Secret Rings 4:50 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 4:56 Sonic Unleashed 5:33 Sonic and the Black Knight 5:44 Sonic Colors 6:08 Sonic SEGA All Stars Racing 6:28 Sonic Generations 6:33 Sonic Lost World 6:43 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 6:58 Sonic FORCES 7:10 Sonic MANIA 7:22 Sonic Frontiers 7:32 The Murder of Sonic the
  • @Flashgitz
    Finally, the entire world's autism captured and stored in one convenient video 😍
  • @godlypokefan7456
    Silver’s face at 4:12 manages to perfectly portray everyone’s reaction to that kiss, impressive
  • @WackoMcGoose
    The 3D levels looked like actual game footage with the character models deleted and then drawn over with the 2D Ultimate Recap models, I'm impressed how far you guys have come.
  • 4:56 - I thought he was having trouble speaking, but then I realized he only speaks in “Thriller”. 🐺🐺
  • @user-by9yw7ho4y
    4:55 Unleashed forever. It is sad that there was no such moment in the game itself
  • @scarf1558
    6:43 for those who don’t know, Rise of lyric was dreadful when it came out, and had a bug/exploit where knuckles could technically jump forever and skip entire sections of the game. He could even jump so high that the world would stop rendering properly.
  • @firytwig
    2:08 I love how incredibly well you managed to capture the jankiness of the animation in the cutscenes. And the run cycle later perfectly matching the jitter of the original
  • @francis_gif
    the running gag of sonic making out with every new character he meets is funny as hell
  • @volute381
    5:33 You don't know how much I'd absolutely love a Holy Grail recap cartoon
  • @mrboxhed5214
    As someone who played Sonic and the secret rings as a kid, you described my pain perfectly
  • @2luvanime4ever
    7:04 Aww they included “Plurmp Mcflurten Dankenstein” from the Game Grumps play through. The attention to detail in these are always incredible!
  • @Kalizoid
    I actually audibly shouted out “NO!” upon seeing the balloon, BEFORE he even ate it. I knew where it was going.
  • @2758443
    0:41 and 1:37 what the hell am I even watching Cas. This feels like sonic but combined with love at the same time.
  • @geekstronomy3368
    This video made me realize how much I never knew I wanted a doom was based off shadow the hedgehog