🔆 SUMMER GAME FEST 2024 (4K60FPS) - Monster Hunter Wilds, Lego Horizon Adventures, Killer Bean

Published 2024-06-07
🔆 Live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, see what's next in video games at #SUMMERGAMEFEST. A 2 hour live showcase featuring updates from the world's top game development studios.🔆

0:00 - Countdown
23:56 - Live Show Begins
2:20:37 - Day of the Devs
3:38:57 - Devolver Direct

The Summer Game Fest live show will be immediately followed by Day of the Devs, a look at upcoming indie games, and Devolver Direct.

See the full list of Summer Game Fest events at summergamefest.com

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Desc. Audio stream of event: youtube.com/live/AltVT6Ijz8o

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  • @carzdroid
  • @MaxRamos8
    Part 1 - Summer Game Fest
    24:09 intro
    27:19 Lego Horizon Adventures
    30:16 No More Room in Hell 2
    32:35 Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions (September 3)
    34:12 Cuffbust
    36:43 Star Wars Outlaws {more at Ubi Forward} (August 30)
    38:11 Neva {more at Devolver direct}
    39:59 Civilization VII
    42:01 Black Myth Wukong (August 20)
    43:27 Asgard's Wrath (Meta Quest 3)
    43:57 Once Human (July 9)
    45:29 Warhammer 40K: Space Marine II (September 9)
    46:17 Metaphor Re Fantzio (October 11)
    50:45 Batman Arkham Shadow (Meta Quest 3)
    52:33 Street Fighter 6
    54:05 Tears of Metal
    55:35 Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero (October 11)
    57:23 Delta Force: Hawk Ops
    1:00:15 Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves
    1:01:58 Battle Crush (Early Access June 27)
    1:03:29 Mecha Break
    1:04:49 Blumhouse Games (Studio)
    1:10:37 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind
    1:11:50 Deer & Boy
    1:14:02 Kingdom Come Deliverance II
    1:16:08 Slitterhead (November 8)
    1:18:22 Killer Bean
    1:20:33 Cairn {more at Day of Devs}
    1:23:31 Wanderstop
    1:25:42 Unkown9 Awakening
    1:27:12 Monster Hunter Stories (June 14)
    1:27:42 Enotria the Last Song (September 19)
    1:30:05 The First Descendant (July 2)
    1:32:21 (not a game) Outersloth Charity fund?? cool
    1:36:12 Among Us TV Show @ CBS
    1:37:32 Sonic X Shadow Generations (Collection, October 25)
    1:39:12 Dune Awakening {more at gamescom in August}
    1:41:08 Battle Aces
    1:44:10 The Finals
    1:45:15 Alan Wake II
    1:49:01 New World Eternum (October 15)
    1:50:47 Honkai Star Rail
    1:52:18 Dark and Darker
    1:54:26 Kunitau-Gami: Path of the Goddess (July 19)
    1:55:27 Hyper Light Breaker
    1:56:27 Party Animals (DOGGO!?!)
    1:57:27 M Corp - Skate
    2:00:46 Palworld
    2:02:27 Valorant
    2:08:10 Inside Out 2 (Pixar Movie) ft. YongYea
    2:09:49 Ken Jeong & Chicken???? Squad Busters Mobile game
    2:13:00 Monster Hunter Wilds {more at gamescom in August}
    2:17:25 Phantom Blade Zero
    2:19:22 outro

    My favorites were Lego Horizon, Cuffbust, Once Human, Space Marine 2, Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, and Alan Wake II expnsion. Oh and the Party Animals Doggo life! =)

    Shout out to the smaller devs for being way better than all the AAA Slop we get, yall need a union
  • @treovr
    *Day of the Devs*
    2:23:00 Battle Vision Network (Capybara Games, 2025) <-- dev studio(s) and any release date
    2:26:32 Cairn (The Game Bakers)
    2:29:06 Petal Runner (Nano Park Studios)
    2:32:25 KARMA: The Dark World (Pollard Studio)
    2:35:25 UFO 50 (Mossmouth, September 18)
    2:39:15 Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit (Spry Fox, only on Netflix)
    2:42:15 Koira (Studio Tolima, Summer 2024)
    2:44:55 Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure (Furniture & Mattress, July 25) | Steam demo available
    2:47:56 Fear the Spotlight (Cozy Game Pals, Blumhouse Games)
    2:49:36 Screenbound (Crescent Moon Games, Those Dang Games)
    2:53:31 Zoochosis (Clapperheads)
    2:57:12 While Waiting (Optillusion) | Steam demo available
    3:00:01 Psychroma (Rocket Adrift) | Steam demo available
    3:03:06 Building Relationships (Tan Ant Games) | Steam demo available
    3:06:02 A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC (Max Inferno, June 25)
    3:07:40 Hello Again (Soup Island, 2025)
    3:09:45 Tom the postgirl (Oopsie Daisies) | Steam demo available
    3:12:20 Afterlove EP (Pikselnesia, Q3) | Steam demo available
    3:15:10 Phoenix Springs (Calligram Studio)
    3:18:09 Tides of Tomorrow (Digixart)

    *Devolver Direct*
    3:41:23 Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance DLC (Massive Monster, August 12)
    3:43:14 The Crush House (Nerial, August 9) | Steam demo available
    3:46:30 Tenjutsu (Deepnight Games)
    3:49:20 The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium DLC (Croteam, June 14)
    3:52:19 Anger Foot (Free Lives, July 11) | Steam demo available
    3:55:39 Possessor(s) (Heart Machine, 2025)
  • @demeter4tube
    Layoffs are noticeable in the industry🤷‍♂️...
  • @beef_baby
    I started watching the Valorant ad, left to do a little chore, came back, and we were still on the Valorant ad.
  • @Sticky_icky420
    I love how people started to cheer when Jeff said Arkham verse but it IMMEDIATELY calmed down after he said it was Shadow 🤣💀
  • @eriktherik
    Notice how killer bean was one of the only games with actual gameplay in the trailer and not just being some animation
  • @mrstaroflamar
    Why tf would we want a VR batman game based on the Rat king?!
  • @michaelx1770
    Again, the best moment of the night was the Sam Lake appearance
    It's amazing to see how an event like this unfolds, with amazing developers showcasing their heart and soul in these games. It's great to see the larger role independent game developers are playing in the industry. The diversity in the game lineups truly shows incredible creativity.
  • @legaleyesmc
    Killer bean looks dope, wukong black myth I’ve been waiting for that one, monster hunter looks sick, phantom blade zero looks amazing!
  • @xenonmaximus1
    Was this lacking a big aha moment from the big 3 of course it was. They have their own video things each June. Did this end up being a really solid good opportunity for developers, teams, and games I’d of never knew about. Yes there is so really cool stuff here that wouldn’t have seen the light of day if not for this show and they need and deserve an opportunity to get the word out there.
  • @RamtinAL
    Damn these indie studios are carrying the industry.
  • @MG-mh8xp
    I love how he called out big game developers so early on. and I loved how the crowd went a lil quiet after that like "oh.. um.."
  • @redballoon9007
    I’m actually kinda interested in “Neva”, “Deer & Boy” and “Tom the Post Girl”
  • @Jayasinleno
    I swear this comment section is just professional haters, I really liked the showcase, a good variety of games that looked interesting. I used to love NMRIH was never expecting a sequel! Maybe the Internet just loves to hate on things now... or maybe I'm out of touch... but i liked it,
  • I couldn't watch the Zummer Game Fest live so now I did it. What a great event, seriously it gave me some good sleep. And I had one of the best dreams I ever had. Looking forward to 2025.