FULL MATCH — Undertaker vs. Ortons — Handicap Casket Match: WWE No Mercy 2005

Published 2023-09-28
The odds are stacked against The Undertaker as he takes on both Randy and "Cowboy" Bob Orton in a Handicap Casket Match: Courtesy of Peacock and WWE Network.
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All Comments (21)
  • @rm22.02
    Undertaker and Randy Orton - two legends who have arguably had more longevity than anyone and especially at a top level
  • @mbeas9612
    Orton vs Taker was WWE's best feud of 2005 full with classic matches and moments with excellent storytelling. Also it helped Orton by re-established himself as one of WWE's biggest heels at the time while being an certified main eventer while Taker was on an huge roll of epic matches from 2005-2013
  • @yochaifrumar1837
    The rivalry between The Udertaker and Randy Orton of 2005 was one of the greatest rivalries of all time 🔥🔥🔥
  • @ginpao
    This is by far the greatest rivalry of Orton. I definitely miss him more and more.
  • @teechongmeng6980
    The greatest feud and storyline on 2005. The Undertaker the legend and hope Orton get well soon, we can't wait to see u in action, RKO of nowhere.
  • @kyh336
    WWE was still really good back then. Nothing tops the attitude era of course.
  • @robotcrocodile
    That is such a great rivalry, more so looking back. One of the greats The Undertaker has an extended rivalry with a young up and comer, which helped him to get credibility on the way to becoming one of the greatest in his own right.
  • @theboxingboy7422
    Cowboy bob such a underrated worker of his era. Had really good matches in Florida and midsouth in the 70s an 80s and even here at nearly 55 he could still bump great wearing jeans sneakers and a shirt doing superplexes off the top rope
  • This match between The Undertaker and Randy Orton was a great pure wrestling match and this rivalry is the best rivalry in 2005 in WWE I love this rivalry 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Spectacular Matchup Between Undertaker And The Ortons! One Of The 5 Big Time Rivalries In 2005!
    The Coolest part of this Handicap Casket Match It happened on My Birthday! i turned 20 at that time Beautiful Memories!
  • @jobebryant
    Such an awesome match to start the day
  • @andrewmadderra
    Easily one of my favorite Rivalries when it happened!! The Undertaker was my favorite anyways & Heel Orton is unmatched..Burning the Casket with the Taker inside was a throwback to when Kane did it at the Royal Rumble!!
  • @princezane148
    Sad fact, this was also the same night
    Of Eddie Guerrero's final PPV match
  • @nicktatum3301
    Cowboy Bob was awesome in this match, best father and son match ever.