We Ate EVERYTHING At DISNEYLAND! My Family Comes To Los Angeles!!!

Published 2023-05-30
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All Comments (21)
  • @ErikTheElectric
    Happy belated Birthday Ryland! 🎉

    (those beignets are so 🔥, I inhaled a couple the last time I was at Disney) 😂
  • @faithhladik5171
    the Disneyland castle is also Aurora's castle whereas the Disney World castle is Cinderella's castle, which is way bigger!
  • @stephb9256
    I love the fact that your family and Shane’s blend together so well! So happy to see Shane’s mom, Jarid and Sandy celebrating with you and your whole fam!! ♥️♥️ so wholesome!!!
  • @bruzerbites1318
    My only complaint Ryland, the vlog wasn't long enough lol!! This was so fun and always love the family vlogs. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Birthday to you and Austin.🎂
  • @yourfriend5038
    Videos including your family are my favorite they never fail to put a smile on my face lol
  • @nh255
    you and shane have been killing it with the content lately & im grateful for it ❤
  • @bethhreads
    Austin's humor & comedy really came through in this! He's so funny!!!!!
  • @ava-44420
    i love to see shane with his brother and you with your family…..even better all together! you all grew so much and i’m proud of all of you! happy belated bday!
  • @teenacharm
    2 vids from Shane back to back and now this. Such a treat!
  • @kaylan3334
    Lizze is the only person who would eat hot ass clam chowder on a sunny day at Disney 😹🥴💕
  • @robervin9107
    Absolutely love Ryland he is magnificent talented and kind. We all need someone like him in our lives amazing human. Austin we love you as well bud
  • This was such a fun vlog to watch. 😊 Thank you, Ryland and Shane for sharing your beautiful life and family with us. 💛
  • @SableSnowhite
    Happy Birthday to Ryland's brother🎉 Lizzie, you're beautiful without makeup😊 I love the joy and craziness of this vlog❤
  • @Sheena5212
    I hope you're excited for you and Shane to take your boys to Disneyland one day! When they are young enough to believe in magic and the pure awe they will have would bring you guys such joy.
  • Hope you girlies had a ton of fun, watching you eat all that food made me hungry!! 😂 hugs from Mexico ❤
  • @olivia.77
    yayy i love these vlogs so much! ryland is soo good at making any video entertaining you don’t even understand how excited i get whenever there’s a new vlog, they’re so so comforting please i beg you to never stop vlogging. these videos are the best 😩 i love seeing you guys so happy <3 you guys will literally always be my comfort people.
  • @sngray11
    Ryland, thank you for sharing your Disneyland adventure and time with your family with all of us! 💞 Your vlogs always brighten my day. 💗