Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions | 2023 Week 11 Game Highlights

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @stimothy9396
    That safety forced by hutchinson was the cherry on top of this game. So good!
  • @anamrake
    What a thrilling game - really appreciate both teams bringing their best and slugging it out. Detroit's got a heck of a fierce team.
  • @zeedon
    Anyone else who’s played sports knows, there’s nothing harder than getting out of your own head. Goff getting in the absolute gutter with 3 interceptions, and still throwing into traffic to Amon-Ra, still coming back to win it. This game was and absolute rollercoaster. And I appreciate Dan reminding us to wear our diapers.
  • @Epoch11
    It's nice to see Detroit winning as a Bears fan who has seen many terrible Lions teams, especially when the Great Barry Sanders was playing. Someone who I think is the greatest running back do you ever have played. I sincerely wish the Lions luck in the postseason.
  • It feels good to be on the other side. Lions would usually lose a game like this, but a key to a good team is finding a way to win. We got the dub 💯
  • @davewatts6724
    Lions tried like hell to lose, Bears said “not on our watch”. Good game.
  • @pbentle1990
    The browns fan in me is happy to see another franchise that has historically struggled do well. The packers fan in me? Total respect. Lion’s fans are some of the best out there
  • @saleem8334
    Goff having that clutch of a 4th after the 3 picks is so impressive. What a bounce back he’s on another level
  • @joshuat5140
    Geoff is a great qb. Way better than people give him credit for. Glad to see him and the lions do well. They deserve it.
  • @ibuprofenPill
    The Bears really are amazing. Just when you think they couldn't possibly find a way to lose, they come through yet again.
  • @timg6223
    Field's dancing like he won the game, only to lose embarrassingly a few mins later was priceless. Can't believe the lions pulled this out after 4 turnovers.
  • @tai5618
    I’ve been a Lions fan for many years, but today was my first ever game in Ford. Safe to say it’s a memory I’ll never forget! Also, the broadcast really doesn’t do the crowd justice. It was genuinely deafening in there.
  • @wesfields9322
    I appreciate both the bears and lions giving the nfl an exciting game
  • @samd7601
    My grandmother was an insane football fan, and a lions fan through and through. Could have coached if she wanted to. She passed before this new era but i know shes looking down with joy❤
  • Not a Lions fan, but from what I've seen last season and so far this one, I didn't give up thinking they could still win even when they needed 2 TDs with just a few minutes on the clock. What they learn from performances like this can be called upon later in the playoffs.
  • It's so nice to see the Lions doing so well after so many years! Impressive performance by the whole team, specially Goff after three turnovers, really hope they'll be NFC north champions!
  • @wcarroll920
    Been a Lions fan for over 40 years, never thought I’d see them with a record like this so late in the season. Usually when a Lion fan counts to ten it is 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4….😁. Thanksgiving day will be a great holiday this year😄
  • Interesting note- this is the FIRST time an nfl team was +3 in the turnover margin and had the ball for over 40 minutes and still lost the game. Teams had been 48-0 before the bears lost today.