ASMR *warning* at exactly 2:27 you will get tingles

Published 2023-11-19

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  • @ElevenStranGe11
    Thank you Eda for so many amazing sleepy tingles 💖💖💖

    Time Stamps:
    00:01 - 01:59 (asking random personal questions, pen scratching, soft whispering, lots of 'ok' trigger word)
    02:02 - 06:41 (raking your face with mini rake, mic scratching)
    06:42 - 13:08 (red cups, tapping, whispering into cups, positive affirmations)
    13:10 - 16:04 (Gucci perfume box tapping and tracing, amazing!)
    16:05 - 17:42 (Milk makeup bronzer box tapping and tracing)
    17:43 - 19:26 (Tinting your vision, light triggers and whispering)
    19:28 - 21:56 (Light stick thingies, tapping and moving back and forth from camera)
    21:58 - 25:19 (Lip sleeping mask container tapping, playing with lid)
    25:19 - no outro 🥰

    First time doing timestamps, thought I'd give it a go!

    Honestly Eda, I have no idea what I would do without your videos! I have tried all kinds of different ASMR, but only you can get me to sleep 😍You are such a talented ASMRtist, please don't ever stop 😉😍🥰

    Goodnight everyone 💓
  • @pucacinno-gr8cu
    21:58-end i finally get what they mean by tingles! never really had one before (i'm not really sure how it feels) but the almost opening and closing the lid gave me major tingles all over my body. please make a whole video for it 💕
  • @SkyDragonsX
    I'm loving this visual triggers with the soft mic brushing. It's like my overall favorite trigger for asmr
  • @lylaaleo5531
    Time Stamps 💓
    0:00 intro❤
    0:27 asking questions ❔
    2:00 rake trigger 💕
    6:42 Cup trigger 🍵
    13:09 Gucci box tracing trigger
    16:00 Milk box tracing trigger
    17:43 light trigger ❤
    21:57 lip balm trigger

    I love u Eda 💓 Good night to y'all ❤ Sorry if the timestamps are not perfect it's my first time
  • @ELB23766
    I needed those words of affirmation. Thank you 🥰 My brother passed recently and your videos have helped put me right to sleep.
  • @BosomFemme
    “I’m gonna get you” made me so relaxed ❤
    Another flawless video from the beautiful and talented Eda!!! Thank you so much
    Me wishing eda does a 1hr inaudible whispering positive affirmation in the paper cups even if it’s looped I’d watch it 😍 something new I’ve never seen and gave me the tingles down my back like i remember watching eda fox’s videos for the first time 🥹🫶 thank you so so very much xox
  • @KingCharles25
    idk but seeing eda with these cups makes me think she's an incredible beer pong player. Olympic level, even
  • @Clara_-jx8pk
    this was sooo tingly (messing around with letters) please do a whole video with this i love it ❣️
  • @ajp1282
    Got hella sleepy around the 10minute mark. Eda knows her stuff haha 😂
  • The windy sound in the background reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d sit outside in the summer and feel the breeze while I look up at sky.
  • @sazfitzy
    the raking and inaudible whispers in the little cups triggers were so good!!!!!
  • 6:42 Oh my goodness, the cups! The tapping, the whispering into them, it’s just.. 🫠
    At 10:51 it made me fall asleep woke up a 3am in the night and realized it had replayed 5 times :) ty so much ameda for getting me good sleep:)