Black Ops 6 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Published 2024-06-09
Forced to go rogue. Hunted from within. This is Call of Duty #BlackOps6

💥 All-new campaign set in the Gulf War era
🗺️ 12 new 6v6 maps & 4 new strike maps at launch
🧟 Return of Round-based Zombies

Pre-Order to instantly get the Woods Operator Pack 👉

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All Comments (20)
  • @zaruako944
    the campaign better be longer than 3 hours
  • Hearing black ops 6 since black ops 2 dosen't sound right
  • @blackhand441
    Pre orders starting to sound like those symptoms at the end of drug commercials
  • @Jhrs028nsh
    This trailer was much longer than mw3 campaign.
  • They gotta start taking breaths in between describing the pre orders 😆😆
  • As a prodigy fan this brings me so much Happiness, Rip Keith flint, the Legend, The Firestarter
  • @rizpect01
    The most heroic thing about this trailer is that they left the comments open.
  • @onyx9569
    It’s crazy that this is now the most viewed COD trailer
  • The fact that mason is dead in black ops is just sad I grew up with mason and woods in black ops 1 it’s a shame
  • @Fafiz
    Not been so hyped since MW2019
  • @Xeptar
    “Gameplay trailer” - Proceeds to be purely cinematic scenes
  • @Weasel821
    0:23 love that for this part they use the same music just cause 3 used in its intro
  • @Furjpt
    anybody else notice illuminati symbol flash at 0:14 ?