Published 2024-07-06
Buying EVERY style of CROCS :) Everything from classic clogs, to HEELS to BOOTS + some crazy limited edition ones
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All Comments (21)
  • @hopescope
    OKAY I think the CROCS Ballet Flats need a redemption arc in a future video lol 🥿 so many of you love them!! Comment your FAVORITE pair from the video 😊
  • @z0ebella
    As a teacher, who has had 3 babies in two years 😅, I can confirm that the crocs ballet flats, worn with socks, are a Godsend. They are professional looking, but so comfortable when you’re 30+ weeks and still have to stand and teach 🥰🫶🏾
  • @PixieJune
    Who loves her (TY FOR 1K MOST IVE EVER GOT 👇🏾❤
  • I love the ballet flat style! Professional yet super comfy! I also wore a wedge heel pair for my wedding reception to take a break from my heels.
  • @S.N_21
    I'm loving her pink hair😭💗it's totally her vibe 😭
  • @MiraAdi-yg9jq
    This video is the type of video i never knew i needed, as a teen i admit i have a part time job of being obsessed with crocs, crocs go hard with a pair of sweatpants, im a big fan of the heels can't say the same for the ballet flats 😭 i get it they are comfortable but the look isn't so pleasing in my opinion.
  • @nerdecrafter
    I’ve been a huge fan of crocs accidentally as a teen 😆 I feel like most ppl are croc fans accidentally but the for life. Loved this video!
  • @nehamaw
    Actually kinda love the idea of the ballet crocs.! As someone who often has smelly shoes or work out shoes I feel like those would be amazing! Can wash them easily and they look nice it seems for like buisness or something.
  • @PriPicz
    So glad you are donating these! But I was thinking it'd be funny if you collaborated with Safiya because she'd somehow find a way to melt them all down and combine them into a super croc lololol
    I admire the sheer commitment to gathering every Crocs style. This will certainly help a lot of people in their shoe-hunting journey.
  • @Lizzie_428
    AHHH the Hair Looks amazing I'm obsessed. The feminine urge to dye all of my hair pink
  • The Pringles ones are definitely my favourite! I love how you found the perfect red dress to go with them! I loved the Crocs chanting in the car, soooo funny. You look so happy too in this video xxxx
  • @YunielRuane
    The pointed flats are mine. When it's pouring in the summer, I wear them to work appointments. I've worn these leather flats on numerous rainy days to save money. They are at ease and have a polished appearance.
  • I LOVE! Crocs! I think it's so nice that you are donating them!
  • Can we all appreciate how much hope spends on her videos for all her fans👇
  • I will never be able to get over this video! I love it! Fave: Pringles and the last yellow boots. PS. Petition for The Simpsons x Crocs collab
  • @brixoxo9349
    As a croc employee, we would love a customer like you! We would happily spend all day helping you get whatever you needed. ☺️