michael's garage tour

Published 2024-07-07

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  • @cow3948
    5:18 "when was the last time you grew?" "last night bro" NOWAY
  • @SeigiVA
    Yea, I get why Michael doesnt make videos so often. Man is legit living the dream
  • @MatTheW08848
    tony stark if -he was budgeted -he never made the avengers team -he spent his time causing chaos with his scooter car -he made taser games for justified tasing -he never invented jarvis, but rather hacked alexa
  • As someone who works in a shop, spike on a stick is very useful for random things, we have 3 varied sized spike on a stick.
  • @ffhotaru
    8:41 Michael was big brain for this he just got her ring size without raising any suspicion
  • @Shef_Tailugon
    Michael will either propose with that EXACT metal ring clamp, or go to an actual diamond mine, mine a diamond, and forge the ring himself.
  • @aerozierl8736
    Michaels garage is like Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated but for a genius maniac
  • @ItzJZ24
    1:50 Michael just casually moans and sneezes after and proceeds to keep explaining what it does got me 😂
  • @KrakatonMain
    I love how real Michael is for this. You don't realize it unless you actually do this stuff for long enough, but even people like me who have done handiwork for most of their lives have no fucking clue what like 90% of the features on a given machine do. "Yeah, there's like 300 knobs and I use about 4 or 5 of them. The others all have Sharpie marks to tell me where they're usually at, so if one accidentally gets bumped, I can set it back to where it normally is. I turn the power on, I adjust the power, the angle up/down, the angle left/right, and the length of the thing and if you ask me to do anything that requires adjusting more than that then I'm popping open like 30 tutorials" Any amount of organization is a vain attempt to combat the laws of entropy. Nothing ever truly goes back where it belongs, even for the tidiest of people. If you drop literally anything you are surrendering it to the æther. My dad and I dropped a singular hex nut in the shop once and it hit the gray puzzle-piece foam mats, bounced ONCE, and vanished forever. We did a deep clean multiple times in that shop and even when he moved we STILL never found that, nor countless other fasteners and tools that we lost. Machinists, blacksmiths, engineers, mechanics, and tinkerers of all kinds are so weirdly, universally consistent in how we are. This video is Michael making a desperate cry for help on behalf of all of us
  • @ToshaDCary
    Michael the kind of guy to have galvanized square steel and eco-friendly wood veneers in his garage
  • @snafu_vfx8662
    Honestly considering the absolute unhinged chaos surrounding Michael everywhere he goes, the level of organization in the garage is very impressive
  • @snafu_vfx8662
    11:50 shoutout for noticing baggy clothes around rotary tools and giving tips… mykull really does care about safety when he isn’t the one in potential danger eh
  • @BingoBongo.
    For those interested, the orange hammer is typically for hammering on metal parts, such as removing a collet from a chuck. So you don’t scratch the metal with a metal hammer
  • @SOSphantom
    LUL Their chemistry gets me everytime. The bisoulovely collab is so cute. >.<
  • @burningj316
    These two love each other for real, the way she ran towards the fart lmao.