FULL MATCH - Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - Universal Title Match: SummerSlam 2018

Published 2020-08-21
Roman Reigns looks to finally conquer Brock Lesnar with the Universal Championship on the line at SummerSlam 2018: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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All Comments (21)
  • @LBAhSee
    Can we all give props to Paul Heyman for the exciting introduction for Brock Lesnar?? Gets me Goosebumps all the time.
  • Roman Reigns Entrance 0:04
    Brock Lesnar Entrance 2:34
    Braun Strowman Entrance 5:23
    Superman Punch 7:58
    2nd Superman Punch 8:01
    3rd Superman Punch 8:05
    Spear 8:11
    2nd Spear 8:17
    3rd Spear Countered Into Gullitine 8:30
    Reigns Back To His Feet 8:54
    Reigns Breaks The Sumbission 8:59
    Brock Locks On The Gullitine Again 9:19
    Roman Makes It To His Feet Again 9:47
    Reigns Breaks The Sumbission Again 9:59
    Reigns Superman Punch Brock Counters Into German Suplex 10:51
    2nd German Suplex 11:02
    3rd German Suplex 11:23
    F5 Attempt 12:00
    Spear Countered Reigns Suicide Dive On Strowman 12:06
    Brock F5 To Strowman 12:22
    Brock Attacks Strowman With Mitb Breif Case 13:03
    Lesnar Grabs A Chair 13:16
    Attacks Strowman With Steel Chair 13:19
    Brock Tries To Attack Reigns With Steel Chair But Reigns His A Spear 13:52
    Roman Reigns Wins 13:57
  • @dtanobo
    I didn't mind this Roman Reigns but right now he is absolutely killing it as a heel
  • 3 Superman punches 3 Spears at the starting but Brock behaves like nothing happened
    Truly a beast 🔥🔥
  • @Catch-mp8qy
    Huge respect to Strowman.. He didn't even disturb the battle though he had Money in the bank.
  • @Zackson_O.Connor
    no matter how much they boo him, Roman is a gem.
    and they will miss him too when he's gone. just like cena.
  • I always wondered why people hated Roman Reigns so much and I still wonder that. He is amazing in the ring and overall I think he is really cool.
  • @hansjoneja4148
    I love how Braun Strowman said “and good luck to you beastie boy.”
  • @oliveuganda9055
    I just love Roman's determination . He has the ability to beat up whoever comes his way. Big up to you Roman Reigns . ❤️❤️
  • @braddp97
    Desde ese momento hasta ahora mismo, Roman siempre ha sido campeon universal
  • @r7d744
    The absence of Roman Reigns, is very touching. We demand his return and regain the title, and we want him to beat Goldberg.
  • I waited for this match since many days...the best match I can say....love you WWE 💙