France's Stunning Election Results Explained

Published 2024-07-08
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The second round of the French legislative election yielded a surprise win for the left wing coalition and left Le Pen's far right party in third place. So in this video, we'll explain what happened in the past week and what it means for France's future.

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 What Happened in Round 1?
02:15 The Anti-RN Alliance Explained
05:02 The Round 2 Results
07:57 Too L

All Comments (21)
  • Don't underestimate Le Penn. She's still mightier than Le Sword.
  • @MassDefeq
    Macron - The enemy of my enemy is my friend, nothing new.
  • Great video, The first $100,000 invested was amazing. But when you hit $300,000 it’s like smashing the glass ceiling! I cried.
  • @echtblikbonen
    This is NOT a win for Macron. It's a win for the left
  • "The far-right are coming!" * Other major French political parties immediatly form a magic summoning circle to contain them. *
  • @Bookhermit
    It was simple - the other two parties stopped competing with each other for votes. They combined forces vs the right.
  • Being a political leader must be amazing. The things your willing to sacrifice not to loose that position.
  • @PLScypion
    Nothing unites divided French like animosity towards other French.
  • It's fascinating to see how the dynamics are different in countries not locked into a two-party system like I'm used to in America.
  • @laiphone8972
    2 little things : - LR is not a centre right, there are right wing and have a lot in common with RN - The basque nationalist is in the NFP
  • I must disagree with your conclusion, Macron hasn't won, his group has just managed to avoid a disaster thanks to left-wing voters massively supporting the Republican Front, and saving his candidates He has lost his majority and 100 seats, he is massively contested by his own allies, and both the left wing coalition and the far-right are way stronger than they were in 2017 and 2022 So really, avoiding disaster cannot be described as a success, it's just that "it could have been worse"
  • @od9694
    Napoleon " There is nothing we can do" Macron " Fuck you, im calling an election"
  • @shuwap
    It's funny how you decribe RN as right wing and Macron/LR as centrist/center-right when in france we depict RN as Far right and LR as right
  • @dadiolego
    macron’s thoughts were all truly to complex for us
  • @Matthew-bu7fg
    well it's the Olympics in Paris soon so maybe we can have all the prospective PMs competing in a 100m race to decide who gets the honour of that position
  • @ChrisF-jt1qf
    Nows probably the worst time to win anyways. Le Pen will probably have a better shot as the opposition over the next few years
  • @kjql949
    So the results actually reflected how the country felt. 1/3 right/far-right, 1/3 centrist and 1/3 left/far-left.