Jey Uso interrupts Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso - WWE SmackDown 8/11/2023

Published 2023-08-11
Jey Uso interrupts Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso - WWE SmackDown 11/8/2023

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  • @Jay.Rod23
    I honestly liked Jimmy's reasoning. It keeps him somewhat face and it creates a personal feud between the Usos rather than it being about Jimmy joining Roman again. Once they're done feuding they'll probably make up and become a team again.
  • @showtimeginge881
    That look on Heymans face towards Reigns after Jey Uso's music hits...
  • @jay2300_
    That Jey Uso titantron is probably the best one wwe has rn. So dope
  • @Hawkie_Kai
    Jey’s lil smile that quickly turned into a frown 😂
  • @a.j.stanley6170
    Jimmy's explanation actually makes sense. And Roman did say he owes him one. He wants that title shot.
  • We all like the way Paul Heyman looks at Roman Reigns like the sun is shining out of his ass 😂
  • Jimmy and Jey will always love each other no matter what I hope in the future they will reunite
  • @ginarobbins2741
    😂 roman looking at jimmy like a boss like your late for work !
  • @DaveCeron
    Jay Uso has been always my favorite
  • @neesonnaidoo4745
    Anyone else peep Paul smiling when Jey showed up? Or am I tripping?
  • @sheerozkhan8514
    I was here live man, and the crowd reaction was incredible.

    No one was on Jimmys side, the Jey pop was huge
  • @Jdp_1597
    He’s not leaving he’s taking a break he’s been on tv almost every week ever since the storyline started