I Left Dropouts

Published 2024-07-08

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  • @heyyyyou6580
    "I just like to yap and have fun" I need this on a shirt
  • Honestly a Podcast called “Yapping with Yummy” or something along those lines would be amazing 🤍
  • @Slimsadies
    You were the whole reason I even started watching Dropouts. I hope you do your own podcast. Loved seeing more of you
  • @tinytron
    honestly, so much respect for you tara. the hate you’ve been getting has been incredibly harsh and you shut down some accusations so fast by leaving dropouts. looking forward to your future content 🤍
  • you're the only reason I started watching dropouts! ( yall im literally not hating on her? Im just stating she is the reason I started watching it ).
  • @helengrugett
    Tara i think it is super admirable of you to put your self first like this and to be loyal to your boundaries. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision because the internet can be such a complicated and high pressure place sometimes but you handle things so well and maturely. I have the utmost respect for you always❤️
  • @australia2754
    girl I’ve watched you for years now and I think this was a smart choice, people were coming across you and your content which is great jistI feel like it was just the wrong audience of something? all the hate you were getting and wrong and uncalled for, literally just the wrong demographic of people watching can’t wait to see where you go from here girl, much love from australia ❤️
  • they were really exposing your private life ... im glad youre standing up for yourself and protecting yourself.
  • I feel so sorry for Tara because the internet keeps on picking an influencer or content creator to praise and then the next week they all suddenly disliked that same influencer/content creator and it’s the weirdest thing ever,, love Tara loads 🫶 she’s so adorable 💕
  • I love how tara makes a vid about leaving the podcast and then for the first 4 min in the vid she talks about food, asmr, and her back
  • @HanarMiga
    It's quite unfortunate that women who get popularity on the internet always experience a tremendous tsunami of hate; you're a kind person and don't deserve it.
  • i honestly completely respect and agree with her decision to leave. personally i recon i would too consider the level of vulnerability, especially for tara having a big roll as an influencer in today’s internet, with people who will push and shove for personal information.
  • @danicafaerie
    please keep protecting your energy tara. i know i’m not the only one who wants to see you do your best and i assume the decision with leaving drop outs was in line with that. i’m glad your going to keep focusing on this channel but please please please keep taking care of yourself ♡ you have gotten a lot of focus in media and i don’t wanna see you lose your light. you are an amazing creator! i’m proud of you 💞 a lot of people care about you and we see you for who you really are
  • @TheNina-rn1ue
    A 35 year old man said I have young ears😭😭☝️
  • I'm delighted that even with the podcast's popularity, you feel secure enough to let things go! But we'll always be there for you, girl.
  • @britney9073
    honestly I was hoping for you to drop out that podcast, not because I didnt enjoy it but because I think people are quick to jump women who "associate" with man who say controversial stuff! everyone blames the woman whilst men almost get a free pass. I love you so much and I feel like lighthearted not too serious content is the best for you. you dont take urself too serious and people are wayyy to sensetive for the serious stuff. stay true to urself, I'm proud of you and I will continue supporting you in whatever project you join that suits ur soul
  • @__tatiana__
    im actually glad you’re sticking to your roots and prioritizing this channel over everything else❤
  • Everyone’s saying Tara yummys a pick me but she’s had the same personality same vibe for years! It’s just now that she’s in the spotlight that everything is under the microscope and they over analyze everything. Tara yummy is just that girl!
  • @roger_2250
    I love dropouts but i always felt like your personality never showed up there properly