Have You Been Scammed with a Counterfeit Tool Battery?

Published 2024-06-09
Let’s figure out how to identify a counterfeit tool battery for Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee. Are counterfeit batteries even safe? Let’s find out!

I bought all of the batteries to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel!

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Authentic DeWalt: amzn.to/3yXhmHP
Authentic Milwaukee: amzn.to/3VaroNw
Authentic Makita: amzn.to/4bN5pmS
Milwaukee M18 TOP-OFF 175W Power Supply: amzn.to/45aD3As

Videography Equipment:
Canon EOS R6 Mark II: amzn.to/4aErF18
Canon 70D Camera: amzn.to/31b5Gy0
Azden Microphone: amzn.to/34d3DLE
Go Pro Bundle: amzn.to/3Ca0ZVN

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All Comments (21)
  • @jnic2003
    It's so annoying searching for batteries on Amazon. 90% of The top results are counterfeit ones.
  • @GrandPotatoe
    Buying batteries online is borderline gambling.
  • Wow, this was a great video. Many years ago, I had a Bosch 7.2V drill. I left the battery on the charger in my garage and it caught on fire. I lost my garage and my house had damage from the fire. The firemen thought the fire started from the gas hot water heater, but the most damaged area was where the charger was. A few years later, I was in my store when I smelled something burning. I also heard a crackling noise and it smelled like melted plastic. I followed the sound and found the battery smoking while it was in the charger. I pulled it off the charger and it melted in my hand (and burned my skin). I pulled the plug from the wall and watched it to make sure the battery didn't catch fire. Needless to say, the entire Bosch kit went into the trash! If I'm not mistaken, it was a NiCad battery - the original was purchased around 1993 and the replacement in 1997. Since that happened, I don't leave my chargers plugged in with a battery. As soon as the charge light is on, I pull the battery pack off. I haven't bought an online battery yet and after watching your video, I won't. Having been though a house fire, it's not worth the small savings to put myself and family at risk. A deepest thank you for doing this video. The shorting of the battery pack was very important and informative!
  • @dcee2899
    I got scammed by a "reputable" on-line dealer. Both the battery pack and the charger I purchased were fake and potentially lethal. I now only buy direct from the manufacturer websites. This video really reinforces how careful you need to be. Thanks!
  • @catsspat
    It's one thing to sell aftermarket batteries that are "compatible" with the tools. It's an entirely different thing to sell fake ones as genuine.
  • @farhanredza
    You know what's the worst? Paying for the price of a genuine battery but getting the fake one! ☠️
  • @MrTruckerf
    It was very surprising when you were allowed to register a counterfeit battery on the company website. This is alarming!
  • I didn’t realize counterfeit batteries were so prevalent. I’ve been tempted by inexpensive “authentic” batteries but didn’t buy them. Now I know they were probably counterfeit. Thanks! -Ed
  • These counterfeits look extremely professional and hard to spot without opening them up… thanks for raising awareness
  • @IanMott
    You are now doing more than the FTC did in years about these problems!
  • @vectoralphaAI
    You can't avoid buying counterfeit batteries even if you wanted to. They sell them in the stores. You wouldn't believe the amount of counterfeit batteries that are returned back to Home Depot, Lowes and Menards as if they were the originals and then put back on the shelf for unsuspecting customers to buy again.
  • This video is already being shared in the Fire Investigation groups. Another thing to have to look for. Great information.
  • @clarkpitts5393
    Crazy how CLOSE the fake batteries look like the real ones.. A++ Video.
  • @theplayernkc
    Thanks for not blurring out the seller's name that are selling the counterfeit batteries.
  • Didn’t realize how much of a problem this was, thank you and nice work as always
  • @mike5584
    My review suggestion is for quiet portable air compresors. I've been subscribed for sometime now, and I am very grateful for your the high quality reviews. You do good work. Thank you.
  • @badboy10350
    Those sellers should be arrested for fraud. OR BETTER YET, make a claim with your credit card company, and not pay a single cent, then the seller loses.
  • @WhiteDwarfVR4
    I have no idea counterfeit tool batteries were so prevalent. Thank you for raising awareness.
  • @dpm6000
    This was super informative! Thanks for the thorough testing all the way through to explosion.
  • @woodychopp
    Thank you so much for this test! the short test was an eye opener! Before that i didn't find the difference so bad as long as it worked kind of ok but that safety hazard isn't worth it. Keep up the good work! I do find it strange that you can so easily buy these counterfeit batteries and that they are packaged as if they're the real deal. I mostly buy secondhand tools as i enjoy giving things a second life but you won't find me buying a pack of batteries from an unreliable source now. Thank you for that!