Independence Day: An American Disaster

Published 2024-07-04
In 1996 Roland Emmerich made a pretty neat film. It was about aliens. It was all downhill from there.

Happy Birthday America



00:00 Intro
03:30 Independence Day 1
08:34 The Aliens
10:33 The Silly Stuff
14:35 The Cast
19:06 Independence Day 2
23:20 Wasted Potential
27:10 A Nothing Sequel
33:52 The Cast (Part 2)
39:22 The End

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  • @TheSpearkan
    Welcome to Every Roland Emmerich movie, we have: - Smart guy nobody listens to. - Wanton destruction - Female character with open or implied relationship with protagonist in the past. - The crazy conspiracy theorist who turns out to be right and sacrifices himself for the greater good. - The annoying kid character who stops the entire plot to focus on them. - The token cannon fodder character destined to die in the destruction.
  • @Devil-Made
    17:54 I just realized this: when he sacrifices himself he’s doing it by flying into the anus of the ship. He’s doing to them what they “supposedly” did to him all those years ago. It’s like poetry. It rhymes.
  • An interesting fact, the first Independence Day holds the record for the most miniature effects ever in a movie... It came out right on the brink of the CGI revolution that quickly overtook Hollywood, and because of that it still holds the record and probably always will... Again, that's part of its charm. It sort of serves as a capper to a bygone era of old-school blockbuster filmmaking in a way.
  • @Morflow_
    The sequel bait at the end of Independence Day 2 made me and my buddy laugh our asses off in the theater because of how ass that movie was. I'll never forget him turning to me and saying, "God willing, we'll all meet again in Independence Day 3: The Search for More Money". What a shitshow
  • Fun Fact: The President's daughter was played by Mae Whitman who would later voice Katara on Avatar The Last Airbender Animated Series.
  • The funny thing is there's a much better movie hidden in this one The African guy mentions that he and his people have been fighting a ground war in melee combat for years against alien survivors, and that sounds like an amazing movie
  • @JustinZarian
    Now he has to cover the remaining Emmerich movies - Stargate - Anonymous - Stonewall - Midway - 10,000 BC - The Patriot - Universal Soldier - Moon 44 - Ghost Chase - Making Contact Even if he just shotguns them, the Emmerich coverage must be completed!
  • Something else I want to add: I know the first movie is corny, but I think it did have good heartfelt moments between the characters. My favorite line in the whole movie comes from the darkest hour of the story, when nukes fail, and so extinction seems inevitable. David is drunk and his father tries to calm him down with honest encouragement, even while sharing his own past loss of hope. "I haven't spoken to God since your mother died." In my opinion, it's a scene does a lot with little, and helps the movie transcend beyond a special effects extravaganza.
  • @JDRoninstone
    Thank god this didn't get a sequel 20+ years after the original
  • You just made me realize that the characters in this movie have a more positive outlook on the future of humanity while being invaded by aliens than I do watching the news.
  • @SpottedHares
    I think the most surprising thing about this video is how i had no idea Stargate, Independence Day, Zilla, and Day after Tomorrow were all were all the same guy. I legitimately did not know that till you told me.
  • ID4 was such an influence on my childhood that I deadass performed the whole "today we celebrate our independence day" speech in my high school ASL class lol
  • @JustinZarian
    Fun fact. There’s footage and stories out there on YouTube about how Randy Quaid’s heroic sacrifice was almost not a thing. Originally, he was going to fly his biplane with a missile awkwardly strapped to the side. The test audience laughed for all the wrong reasons, prompting a scared Emmerich to do an emergency reshoot to make it the version we see now. That’s why his hair is different after his “I can fly” line and why his shots in the cockpit are so different. One of those rare moments Roland Emmerich made a smart choice to avoid something being too silly
  • People celebrate Independence Day with Fireworks Aliens celebrate Independence Day with Explosions
  • Independence Day, like Waterworld or Jumanji, is the kind of movie you have seen a dozen times, and yet when they put it in tv on a Saturday, you sit and watch.
  • @lukepoe1140
    People are overthinking it. Think of Independence Day as a cheesy sci-fi Marvel movie. It hits the same beats as the Avengers films, which isn't a bad thing. It promotes patriotism and militarism mixed with comedy at a high school level for casual moviegoers. The special effects hold up, the cast is great, the president's speech is perfect, and the story is easy to follow.
  • @mjasz4341
    I remember in 2016 I got mad that my parents wanted to see Arrival instead of Independence Day Resurgence. I'm glad I watched Arrival instead
  • @Tamashikiri
    It's extra baffling that the human tech in Resurgence never incorporated the aliens' shields when you consider that science fiction has been using "our shields are down to insert low number here percent" to add a ticking clock to battle scenes for decades.
  • @micksamo8018
    My favorite part is when the news station goes to breaking news: Randy Quaid's character is paroled after dropping pamphlets on City Hall. The biggest event in human history is occurring and the news cuts to the least important story imaginable... Oh and they not only send a film crew to capture him leaving custody, but they send another reporter out to his small town to interview people who know him.
  • @ScrapKing73
    I loved two things about the sequel: The idea that they raised a generation to believe that they could fight off the aliens if they returned, but did so knowing they couldn’t be sure of that (but now wanted to try to live up to that lie). I also loved the idea of an isolated African nation fighting the aliens alone for years. They’d have been better off doing a movie about that second idea, to lead into this one, though.