Despicable Me 3...?

Published 2024-07-08
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All Comments (21)
  • @cc_films
    Bro hates the minions so much he left out their entire side story 😅
  • @trinaq
    The only time that I can remember the "Long Lost Twin Brother" trope working is in "Gravity Falls."
  • @rkymtnrsx
    7:11 “ you told me that dad died of disappointment when I was born“ gru 2017
  • @beatlemaniac
    Fun fact: Trey Parker only agreed to be in this movie because of his daughter. She loved the films so he wanted to be in something that she could actually be allowed to watch and enjoy that he worked on. However, he personally LOATHES this film!
  • @BatmanFan76
    There were so many side plots in this one. Gru’s twin brother Dru, the villain Balthazar Bratt, Agnes’s quest in meeting a unicorn, and the minions own little side quest story. This feels like 4 different Despicable Me movies at once.
  • @wyattsax
    Don’t forget about the other side plot (like plot Line #4 or something) about Agnes and Edith trying to catch a unicorn and gets get a one horned goat
  • @MoonWielder
    13:20 Dru did make an appearance. He's in the ending when Gru celebrates with his family after defeating Maxime.
  • @ray2461
    i just realized alex skipped the entire side story with the minions 😭 bro absolutely DESPISES them
  • @mrjoe9058
    “4 F words and a smiley face.” such a beautiful sentence 😂
  • did everyone just collectively forget that Alex has periodically mentioned living in Japan, first working as an English then a desk job in IT. My guy had a full unanimated video story time of the time he got scammed during the initial years of living in Japan...
  • Funny thing, Gru's full name is Felonius Gru and Dru is Dru Gru... like okay.... did they forgot Gru was not his name? It's like this on the Wiki too...
  • "Oh i know you can gamble online" She's got the wrong idea but she got the spirit
  • You know, I was very interested to find out the other day that separating twins in divorce is an actual custody agreement that has and can happened in the US. Really crappy of the judges to approve this in my opinion.
  • @0w0i
    30 year old man ranting about kids cartoons brings joy to my eyes
  • @maklovin5253
    crazy to think despicable me came out almost 15 years ago (2010), I still remember sitting in my dads living room with my little sister watching the scene where gru has to go on the rollercoaster, which he actually has fun on. such a good and nostalgic film.
  • Wait I’m sorry Alex was an ENGLISH TEACHER? In Japan?…Y’know what yeah. That checks out. Only a teacher would have the patience to sit through everything Alex watches:
  • @hwtvi3466
    Despicable Me is pretty much unanimously agreed to be good. Despicable Me 2 is much more like-it-or-hate-it, which I am honestly in the former group. Despicable Me 3… yeah, this one didn’t need to happen.
  • 2017 must've been a strange year for Trey Parker. In the same year, he voiced a goofy 80s villain AND Cartman rapping about self-deletion!
  • "and their non collapsing society" sir do i have news for you.....