Uncle Roger Train To Get Aunties (ft. Chef Rush)

Published 2024-06-09
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All Comments (21)
  • @ChefRush
    I’m going to turn uncle Roger into a beast even if he throws up EVERY DAY DAMMIT!!
  • @ale6o
    "Rush Hour 5 with Chef Rush and Uncle Roger" will be a hit!
  • Biscuit Oliva helping Uncle Roger to get huge muscles? Now, this is a crossover that gets people talking.
  • Uncle Roger is getting ready to fight Jamie! haha 😂Maybe Jackie Chan will train him next!
  • @CantoMando
    Funny part about this is Nigel is fcking ripped lmao
  • @shino4242
    "I don't know who Tiger Woods is"

    Still more believable than him being natty.
  • @marmalar
    Wow! This blooper reel was amazing to see how they adlib and truly work the material through to the end-product. This was really fun Mr Ng! Good job!
  • @nando03012009
    Starts going to the gym.
    Expectation =aunties
    Reality= uncles 😂😂
  • Chef Rush is so respectful with the Uncle. Truly changed my perception of him. Great video !
  • @joevail6959
    I just found The Uncle Roger Show on Amazon Prime and put it on my list. My daughter and I have watched the first two episodes so far and I can't remember either of us laughing so much and we are connoisseurs of comedy. You are absolutely hysterical and very talented. Keep up the good work!
  • @SamuelMarkey
    Never in my whole life did I expect this collaboration! 😮
  • @Zelphyn
    Uncle Roger intentionally makes himself look goofy but he's actually pretty fit.
  • @WabiSabbii
    Lmaoo the rush hour 5 joke got me thinking yall would make a hilarious duo if you did more YouTube videos like this! 😂❤
  • @lemonshark007
    Bro auntie Esther is pregnant?! Feeling sry Uncle Roger😢😂
  • @hardygavin80
    "Grass to tit, everything's fake here" that was wild
  • @MrBonbatong
    This is the best collab! These 2 guys together are hillarious!
  • 1:12 lol the way hes so exhausted he lost his accent saying “im gonna fall of the treadmill”