Starfield: Shattered Space - Official Trailer

Published 2024-06-09
Shattered Space is a new story expansion for Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ epic role-playing game and first new universe in more than twenty-five years.

A mysterious power stirs in the city of Dazra on House Va’ruun’s hidden homeworld. Investigate a frightening cosmic threat, explore a new planet, and find unique weapons, spacesuits, and gear in this all-new adventure.

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ESRB RATING: Mature with Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs.

All Comments (21)
  • @nazeem8086
    We finally get to visit the cloud district??
  • @Tixsi11
    Every fade to black in this trailer is an actual loading screen.
  • Chose your dialog options VERY CAREFULLY. The great serpent will treat you the same regardless.
  • @RandomDude453
    “This is the Serpent's will: Go buy me a cup of Terrabrew cappuccino."
  • @itskrude
    I'd love it if they could sprinkle in more "random" locations when landing on a planet.
  • @outinspace8760
    So Todd said most planets were boring because Starfield is supposed to be realistic but then green lights this. So it wasn't really about realism, they were just lazy.
  • @TravisLackey
    Does that mean I can finally take Andreja home and meet the parents? Pet the Groat? Have little serpents of our own? At last.
  • @Mikebritt43
    How many loading screens do we get with this DLC?
  • @t-rexreximus359
    I really hope we get a full Varuun Capital City 🤞 - with faction questlines (both Zealots & ‘normal’ Varuun factions)
  • @-Zhora_Kornev-
    Creation credits... How low can Bethesda go to force people to buy plugins?
  • @Techstriker1
    Anyone else feel like after the Main Story, nothing really feels mysterious or crazy in the Starfield universe anymore?
  • @Neufang1
    Fuck yea, the creation kit. Time for mods!
  • @kg30004
    Full mod support/creation kit out today and now DLC?? Feasting
  • @Starblendet
    The only thing i care about; can we finally fly around the galaxy instead of playing the menu, loading game? Can we finally explore planets that have anything interesting to see?
  • @obliviondio
    it will require many cutscenes to travel to this place