I Bought One Of The Most Rare Vehicles On Earth

Published 2024-07-07
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  • @HeavyDSparks
    Go to drinkag1.com/heavydsparks to get a year supply of vitamin d3k2, and 5 extra travel packs of AG1 with your first purchase! Thanks to AG1 for sponsoring today’s video!
  • You have to keep the Dodge van front end and just modernize it, replacing it would just kill the soul of it. This isn't the kind of project you do because it makes sense financially but because this is something really cool that needs to be preserved.
  • If ya replace the front with a modern van, then what was the damn point of buying the damn thing in the first place
  • @csyarid
    Because of the uniqueness of this vehicle, it deserves to be restored, not hacked.
  • Keep it as original as possible. A full restoration series would be a thing to watch.
  • @100SteveB
    You have to do a restoration on it, you can't tear the front end off of something so rare - that would almost be a crime. I am sure your guys are not afraid of, and are fully capable of doing the rust repairs on the body.
  • This is going to be a fun on to watch! I vote for keeping the old van and restoring it to keep this thing as original as possible.
  • I'm gonna leave all the other comments to everybody else. My $0.02 is to say much respect to you for being humble enough to stop what you were doing and speak and take a picture with that lady when she came out to ask. Absolutely awesome of you to do that for her.
  • @ZaneTv254
    I hope you restore the front end dodge, it’s just looks authentic, and it’s a piece of history!
  • This could be one of the greatest restoration series ever on YouTube
  • You have to fully restore that thing, original or modernize. Worth the money.
  • You knowing Spanish and taking the pic with the lady is the best thing I’ve seen this whole year showing love to my culture… I get to liking this Chanel every video I see even more
  • @masterqbaPL
    This is the best idea for motor home ever! Pure gold! Very rare. Now I've seen everything :D
  • @Garrett-farm
    You have to keep that iconic look. This thing is just so rare.
  • @JoshuaM513
    I won't lie when the lady asked for a pic and not a single question was asked deserves a chefs kiss
  • Not only is this thing one of a kind, but the content you can create with this is astronomical. I really hope you go through this thing entirely and restore it, and even customize it. Brilliant purchase! Very excited for future content on this.😮
  • @matyasxfulop
    The guy who edited out this guys mindless babel is the MVP
  • @RealRickCox
    Just what Heavy D and the team need… a motorhome that doubles as a boat! Only mod left is to convert it into a helicopter!
  • @tomt3082
    For something so rare, especially as is a 1 of 1 dodge not the usual Ford, I think you should do everything you can to restore it as it would have been new, most likely with an updated/upgraded powertrain. Great video again and can't wait to see what you do with it going forward!!