Jimmy Uso did WHAT to Roman Reigns?!: WWE Night of Champions Highlights

Published 2023-05-27
The Bloodline appeared shatter beyond repair, as Jimmy Uso delivered multiple Superkicks to The Head of the Table. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWENOC
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All Comments (21)
  • "The Bloodline saga" will be remembered as one of the best storytelling in wrestling history
  • @ilcapitano648
    This is one of the absolute greatest face turns I’ve ever seen. Deep down, Jimmy was never a bad dude. He did a lot of bad things, but all in the name of keeping his brother safe. He knew he couldn’t take Roman, but he knew his brother would suffer if he tried to fight him. His interactions with Sami looking back were so brilliant - we all thought he’d finally bought into the Bloodline’s methodology and just used Sami’s need for validation for their own means. Now we know that he truly loved Sami because he could finally drop the act, he could be his true self with another person outside of his family without consequences. And now it’s become clear that he and Jey are in the firing line no matter what they do, he’s dropped the act and kicked his emotionally abusive cousin square in the jaw, and it was so, so satisfying to watch.
  • @kyneanderson5851
    I loved jimmy’s “I got you!” Followed by the kick. And after Jimmy taking Jey away while saying “we got to go. We got to go”. He knows what he did. He knows what it means. And he is fully prepared.
  • @qatesting-ku1es
    One of the greatest storyline of all time. From formation , to Sami's inclusion to Bloodline at their peak to Sami's betrayal to Jimmy's super kick,everything superbly executed . Honestly hope this storyline never ends but it looks like its about to end. It will be interesting how it ends?
  • @TimeBucks
    Jey's character is my favourite, so complex!
  • @kingveney
    I felt Jimmy's WAR CRY in my soul!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORYLINE!!!
  • @riverrunriot4323
    They played Jimmy too well. He kept his emotions close to his chest this entire time, and he just EXPLODED. PHENOMENAL.
  • Even as it's coming to an end, the Bloodline storyline still continues to be the best storyline in wrestling today, and one of the greatest in history.
  • The bloodline story is a masterpiece of storytelling. Simply for it's ability to elevate forgotten stars like the Usos and SZ & KO
  • @jeffryparedes743
    My heart broke for Jimmy when he let out that pent up scream of pain and agony, this storyline is literally a masterpiece. WOW
  • @mack_stunn3422
    This storyline operates on another level and will live for ever in the hearts of the fans ❤
  • Love how, after Jimmy says, "Listen to me" the 3rd time, the ENTIRE STADIUM goes completely silent to hang on his next words "I'm doing what you shoulda done a long time ago, Use. I got YOU!!" and then ERUPTS after the second superkick. Some of the most EPIC dramatic storytelling WWE has EVER pulled off!! Masterpiece story line!!!!
  • @Sasfoot
    I can't even describe the adrenaline rush I got when Jimmy kicked Roman. This was absolutely amazing.
  • @koreybland525
    Its the primal scream at 0:57 that gets me EVERYTIME. You could feel how badly Jimmy needed to release that anger
  • @CrazyDash9
    This was such an incredible moment. I didn’t think anything would top Sami betraying Roman, but this completely proved me wrong. Like always, the crowd was absolutely incredible. Imagine this happening during the pandemic times.
  • @fsanchez6160
    That 2nd kick was everything in the making followed by the scream. Jimmy nailed it. Those raw emotions made that moment even bigger especially how he pushed Jey out of the way the 2nd time yelling “I got you”.
    That’s 2 opportunities Jey missed out and looked confused.
  • @BelieveInCarter
    Man, the scream from Jimmy on that second superkick you can feel it. For the first time in years he feels free, liberated.
  • @faizanhasan2744
    It's been 3 days and I've already watched this clip a dozen times, this was magical ❤️🔥
  • This storyline just EXPLODED right in front of our eyes
    The most compelling story WWE has ever told in the modern era
  • I've watched this over a several times already.
    He kept his emotions close to his chest this entire time, and he just EXPLODED. PHENOMENAL and it's make me happy.