get ready with ariana grande: “the boy is mine” music video |

Published 2024-06-11
get ready with ari for “the boy is mine” music video as she does her own makeup using all #rembeauty products 🐈‍⬛

watch the full music video, out now 🌑♡

here’s how to get the looks….

day 1 look:
sweetener foundation in “light 8nw”
sweetener concealer in “light 4g”
interstellar highlighter in “miss mercury”
hypernova satin matte bronzer in “cocoa-nut”
midnight shadows eyeshadow palettte in “midnight snack” + “babydoll”
at the borderline eyeliner marker
flourishing lengthening mascara
dream lashes in “eternally meowing”
practically permanent lip stain marker in “booked n busy”
on your collar plumping lip gloss in “pink razor” + “jelly sandals”
essential drip glossy balm in “skinny dripped”
mist thing matte setting spray

day 2 look:
essential drip glossy balm in “strawberry soda”
practically permanent eyeliner marker
midnight shadows eyeshadow palette in "midnight snack" + “babydoll"
flourishing lengthening mascara
interstellar highlighter topper in "miss mercury"
sweetener concealer in “light 4g"
sweetener foundation in “light 8nw"
hypernova satin matte bronzer in “cocoa nut"

all available at:
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All Comments (21)
  • @spoiledsag
    the dark hair and the short hair was absolutely everything on her
  • @raindrops-4704
    the boy is mine’s outfits and makeup looks so good that’s insane
  • @MelissaNgai
    The wig COMPLETED it. She couldve been blonde like Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman, but the brunette was such a good choice for her.
  • @ButeraMelina
    The difference between this video and the ones from 11 years ago! 🥺🥰
  • @magsvots783
    God she’s feeding us so well, she knows we’ve been starving
  • She’s a professional for doing her own makeup for a freaking music video I can’t even do my makeup for a normal day💀😭
  • i’m so obsessed with the cat woman look🥹 how can someone look that good😭
  • @keyon659
    Okay but her facecard???? It's the most lethal it's ever been
  • @crpngrb
    the gray sweater look is giving we can’t be friends 🤍🎀
  • The way she can literally pull off any hairstylr or colour is absolutely amazing! Love you ari!
  • @ikyhmw
    The looks for the music videos are so iconic
  • @ButeraMelina
    The fact that wig has a slightly red touch is cool! <3
  • @crpngrb
    the boy is mine make up is so cute, it’s fits the aesthetic of the whole video! everyone did such a good job, the music video came out great 🤍
  • @hyxxcb
    her makeup skills are insane
  • @iamprivate02
    4 minutes isn't enough Ariana I need a full 2 hour documentary
  • @bubble7732
    she looks so good without makeup its actually insane
  • @malakk111
    We need more grwms with ariiii i love them so much , she is such a comforting person
    Ariana… your beauty is unreal. I’m in love with your brown hair OMG.