I'm Making An Insane $100,000 Body Kit For My $2,000,000 Flooded McLaren P1 (UPDATE)

Published 2024-06-09

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  • @damnitbobby4354
    In my opinion, i will not die until this build is done... i will watch this man forever❤❤
    So impressive. You can tell this guy is right at the top of his game! 👌
  • @AndreGreeff
    bruh.... that ex-240Z, at around 2700 lbs, puts it at around 1200 kg. with "potential power" of around 1200 HP, that gives it a one-to-one ratio of HP to kg... that was quite literally the "driving force" behind the design of the Koenigsegg One:1, only that it weighed 1360 kg with 1340 HP. that is absolutely mental!
  • @0o-0o694
    He looks so tired and done with it 🤣🤣
  • @M140i23
    I love how people who complain about electric cars, Tesla’s are soulless. My man takes the electric motor out of a P1 in order to make it the fastest P1 on the planet and still people complain 💀 You’re doing great Freddy can’t wait to see this completed 👊
  • @qurtrn10
    I can understand that the current P1 stage (body and wiring) take a long time. In the meantime, make all the other car videos you want, but I'd pepper in small updates of the P1 to those videos to keep viewers engaged.
  • @ericg4838
    Very humble and confident young man! Obviously, mentally his art is open to the new norm in future auto builds! Thanks for the feature Freddy! You never fail to give credit where it is earned and deserved!
  • @max133
    Love how you and matt work together, started following you from matts channel & your a great addition.
  • @dai_505
    From a Chicago native, Wonderful shirt youre wearing in the car vetical ad.
  • Thanks Freddie! It was fuin to see what Sean is doing. The engine outputs are insane! the designs are even more so. They used Pike's Peak to test aero engines in the 1920's due to it's elevation. The explanation of all the challenges involved was really helpful to understanding it.
  • @MR021_
    Mad Mike Whiddett has some parts 🤔
  • @GaIvatr0n
    Thank you Tavarish, this was such a great video on a Sunday. I'm jumping over to subscribe!
  • I was looking something to watch while eating, just perfect timing lol..
  • @MR021_
    What a way to end a Sunday 🇿🇦
  • @isalmankhan1
    Soo exciting this build I mean at this stage every video you upload I'm thinking this time we will hear the engine roar back to life😍
  • @JTLaser1
    Love this video! My first car was a ‘74 Celica ST, and my second car was a ‘72 Datsun 240Z, which I still have. Both super fun!