Verity Guide / 4th Encounter Salvation's Edge Guide

Published 2024-06-09
Verity Guide / 4th Encounter Salvation's Edge Guide

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  • @AllThePlayers
    Don't worry if you don't understand what's going on after one watch of the video. Watch it multiple times, or try to get into the encounter to get an understanding. It's a VERY complicated encounter with a lot of moving parts. There's a reason this encounter is the longest an encounter has ever taken to solve in a Destiny raid.
  • @SvenPeppers
    Bungie made fashion and matching your ghost the ACTUAL endgame
  • @RambunctiousVA
    idk why but I just love the vibe of this encounter. the fact that thousands of high-level players were suffering for hours just to escape a white ball filled with red statues. such a simple aesthetic to counteract how nightmarishly difficult it was, feels like something out of a movie.
  • @pathogenz8781
    Where does the circle go… you’re right…it’s the square hole 👍
  • @dizzykrogan
    I still feel like i need it to be explained to me like I’m 5. Time to watch again
  • @manynukes11
    Warlocks with the Trials helmet are in shambles
  • @ollenadgam
    Making it so you have to do it flawlessly three times is so brutal. You guys were awesome, great job.
  • After watching several videos on this, I felt this one was most helpful for me to understand. Thank you for this!
  • @shadowsail8
    One of the coolest encounter designs ever. Will definitely be a struggle for LFGs, but decent enough players can mitigate most of it.
  • @jeff9760
    Probably the coolest puzzle type encounter bungie's ever done, gonna be a nightmare on lfg lol
  • @4EverVeer
    Outside players don’t need to all have a symbol at the end. For us, inside was always able to go through the mirror after the first condition was met
  • @LennyLeLenny
    "LF5M, KWTD, have a minor in Greek Philosophy and Euclidean Geometry, I'm on add control"
  • @NaimoAqio
    I've found no better explanation for this than this one. Triple stacking, in my opinion, will undoubtedly replace LFG strategies for fewer communications.
  • @itscabe9839
    This is the best explanation I've found for this. I think the triple stacking is definitely gonna become the lfg strat for less comms
  • @GlicTTV
    This was an incredibly well made video, thank you very much! Had to watch twice, but feel confident going in now!
  • @Sabre5106
    Unironically the only guide/source that has explained it so clearly. Thank you ATP and congrats on placement!
  • Awesome video! So helpful. Thanks a lot for the clear explanation and the utmost respect that you guys finished this day one!