Published 2021-12-21
The Unlimited Calorie Challenge (Holiday Edition)
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#ErikTheElectric #FoodChallenge #EatingChallenge
In this year's Carbsmas, I took down an Unlimited amount of calories! I made a ton of delicious creations and took down a bunch of new foods that I've never had before. I also decided to set a calorie minimum to 70,000 calories for this challenge.

How many calories will I take down? Be sure to stick around until the end to find out!

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All Comments (21)
  • @micahphobia1084
    The people at the shops are probably like - aww he’s getting food for his family, what a nice guy - Erik- comes back home and eats it all
  • @benharker4237
    These video really get you through the diet. There’s just something about watching someone eat everything you’re craving 😂
  • I wonder how much a normal meal satisfies him if he can eat this much 😂
  • @vi5802
    I started watching your videos when I was at the worst of my eating disorders and today I am in recovery for 1 year and I am still watching them. your story is so motivating. Thank you :)
  • @elvenaubade
    That pepperoni pizza nacho cheese stuffed double Big Mac calzone is possibly the most ‘Merica thing I’ve ever witnessed
  • @js12075
    Can we all just appreciate just how hard he works on each video.🎉🎉🎉
  • @natabel08
    Hack: If you’re deep frying something that is either eaten cold or will melt, freeze it before dipping in batter. And get it rock solid. Then dip in batter and fry. It won’t fall apart and will be much better. Hope this helped :)
  • @juicyrojo
    Erik releasing a new video is equivalent to opening a giant Christmas present. Thank you my guy!
  • @Nick_7434
    Everytime I feel bad about eating I sit down and put on one of these videos so I feel less judged and honestly when his videos come out my face lights up instantly lots of credit to this guy
  • @bcraw35yt24
    The craziest part to me isn’t that he keeps eating it’s that he can keep eating without getting a massive migraine or some kind of sickness. I would be peeling over for a week if I tried to eat more than 5 servings of chocolate
  • @chloebeale1025
    I never usually comment, but I suffer from binge eating and by watching your videos it satisfies my urges I can usually push through them, thank you.
  • @thegreatwal1224
    When we watch the 100 meter dash at the Olympics, everyone is always astounded by the capabilities of the human body. To move that fast seems like it should be impossible, but those competitors are defining the boundaries of human ability. I don’t think we give enough credit to Erik for doing the same with food. The things he has proved possible are just as outlandish as Usain Bolt’s speed. He’s an absolute legend. I find it fascinating in a scientific sort of way. People could try to diminish it because eating a lot is looked down upon in society while athletic ability is favored (probably for good reason), but it can’t take away from the magnitude of these feats.
  • @tshep173
    I'm addicted to watching this man eat and I don't know why
  • @linhtam2361
    I hope he is doing alright. I can feel his pain .
  • I like how he calls donuts, chocolate, cookies, candy, and cake a “meal” 😂 He would make Buddy the Elf so proud.
  • @Uniquelyyours1
    That "tasty" "cupcake" looked delish, Erik, and the deep fried "snickers" bar looked even better. Thanks for another fun Carbsmas and I hope you and Kristie have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs:):_ElectricShout:
  • @sunnyr2917
    You're SO underrated.. I just want to let you know that hard work you do and the toll you take physically and mentally while doing these videos doesn't go unnoticed.. We appreciate you alot.. Please take care of yourself and keep up the good work.. Merry Christmas 🎄
  • @SgtMiller
    Eric, I am glad there is people like you in the world that can experience this for me. Because I would probably die.