we tried the coloring book challenge in the sims 4

Published 2024-07-07
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can we make a build where we start with all white swatches and then “color them in” by switching them? well, we’re gonna try!

Syd Mac came up with this challenge, you should definitely check her out:    • Attempting the COLOURING BOOK Build C...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @RebeccaZipper
    The outside is giving platypus gasp Perry the Platypus! (this is a compliment :))
  • @aprbolado
    So happy that Sydmac is mentioned 💕 One of the most epic simmers definitely!
  • You guys should do a inside out themed house with every room being a new emotion
  • "You might be thinking to yourself, girls girls girls" is officially as iconic to a Caryn and Connie build as string lights are
  • @Ann_Artist
    If no one else will say it I will.... PERRY THE ADORABLE HOUSE!! Great Build, girls!!
  • @clay487
    Omg it'd be so cool if you made a house only using ONE colour. Maybe u could create a whole rainbow neighbourhood 🙏
  • @tyd2877
    honestly, changing the light switch colors really makes the build stand out
  • @NotroLPS
    Syd Mac was actually the first sims builder I started watching, and the algorithm eventually picked that up and showed me you guys too! Both of your channels are so entertaining.
  • @ToshaDCary
    you should totally do a series where you build all of the secret lots in the sims 4! sylvian glade, sixam, the forgotten grotto, etc!!
  • @meowda_xd
    i really liked the red roof and chaos it really looked like how a kid draws a house ,,,, but the final is SO adorable too AND an upload on my birthday is so awesome 🩷
  • @Friday-zk8sg
  • @leaiozzo7656
    I love that we built a chimney only to not put a fireplace 😂 love you girls ❤
  • sydmac mention omg! i absolutely love when my favs creators acknowledge each other 🤩
  • @mr.duck1248
    It’s so crazy how the shift from white to colour just instantly makes the build look cozier. Like it goes from “I’m scared to touch anything in here” to “I wanna cuddle up in a blanket and then eat some yummy food with my family”
  • Me having to get up at 5 am planning to go to bed Caryn and Connie post: literally me 🤩
  • @EthalaRide
    Green/blue walls: "A house?" adds Copper/orange roof and dark brown wood: "PEEEEERRY The House?!"
  • @smoresndoors
    I just want it to be made known that my 1 1/2 year old sister loves Caryn and Connie, she giggles, points and waves at you guys in the corner (she’s normally very shy with strangers). Guess she has an appreciation for fine architecture and design 😂
  • “counterpoint….they’re cute.” “…touché” things like this are why this channel is so good